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90 Seconds With Mr. Teutsch
Svetlana Deshpande ’25 Staff Writer
November 18, 2021
Credit: Deerfield Communications

What is your favorite Netflix show?

Oh my goodness. I’m gonna fail this test. It would be more like a documentary: My Octopus Teacher.

What’s a fashion trend that you would like to bring back?

I’m not really knowledgeable on fashion trends. But the turtleneck sweater is nice in the wintertime.

What was the best or worst advice that you’ve ever received?

I don’t know, but I’m sure it came from Mr. Scandling.

What time do you like to wake up?

I wake up early, around 4am. Sometimes at 6, that’s about as late as I go. Maybe 7, if I was up late the night before.

What was the last show that you’ve binge watched?

Can you binge watch a financial channel? Yeah. Okay, so I binge watch Bloomberg.

What are your favorite plants?

My favorite plants are going to be pretty much the flowers these days. They would be lavenders and they would be the statice and snapdragons. I’ve got an admiration for flowers.

What song or album would you listen to on repeat?

Canon in D (Pachelbel’s Canon).

What was your favorite subject in high school?

Wood shop, industrial arts. With these there was a lot of opportunity to work with your hands.

What’s your favorite dessert from the dining hall?

Well, it’s, my gosh, creme brulee.

If you were to write a textbook what would it be on?

I would say that the textbook would be on gardening. And on what aspect, trees, you know, I think that’s my aspiration.