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Athlete of the Issue: Sarah Stonestreet
Sophia Hamlen '22 Staff Writer
May 24, 2021

Sarah Stonestreet ’21 has earned the title of Athlete of The Issue in her final season with Deerfield lacrosse. Stonestreet never fails to bring her humble leadership and top-level skills to the lacrosse field. As a natural leader, role model, and team player, she has made a lasting impact on the Deerfield girls’ lacrosse program. 

Stonestreet is the quintessential Deerfield athlete: she radiates team spirit, strong leadership skills, and good sportsmanship. Her personality shines on and off the field.  

Credit: Alex Rolfe

Coming to Deerfield as a new sophomore, Stonestreet was a member of the 2018-2019 girls’ lacrosse team, who finished with an impressive 13-2 season record. With Deerfield’s 2020 spring stolen by COVID-19, Stonestreet was unable to play in her critical junior season. With COVID-19 restrictions loosening up, Stonestreet was given the opportunity to play a redemption season this year and serve as a co-captain of the  team. 

So far this spring, Stonestreet has stood out on the field as both a valuable player and leader. The 15-5 win against Berkshire had fans exploding in cheers for the girls’ team. With a couple more games ahead, fans can expect to see Stonestreet hard at work as the starting center. 

Head Coach Allison DiNardo noted, “Sarah’s skill on the draw and versatility on the field has made her a key player in each of our games this year.  She is as reliable with her defensive checking and positioning as she is in finding the back of the net on offense.”

Taylor Coan ’21, Stonestreet’s teammate, said, “She isn’t selfish with the ball, and she is always giving 110% effort, whether that be during a high-stakes game or an afternoon practice”.

Ms. DiNardo added, “as a leader, Stonestreet has helped welcome two classes into the Deerfield lacrosse program. She strikes a strong balance of being an encouraging supporter on the field while still articulating clear expectations of her teammates.” 

Coan noted, “I admire Stonestreet’s ability to stay positive the most. Even when we’re going up against a tough team she always lifts everyone up and keeps the team atmosphere light,” adding,  “I think her dedication to the sport of lacrosse is infectious.”

Stonestreet’s passion for Deerfield Lacrosse is unmatched. She explained, “being an athlete at Deerfield is really special. Stepping out on the field wearing green and representing a history of outstanding athletes and long-lasting traditions are like nothing else. There’s an indescribable feeling  you get when you’re representing Deerfield and your classmates, teachers, and friends are all cheering you on from the sidelines.”

From a new sophomore to a senior co-captain, Stonestreet’s teammates and coaches have witnessed her transformation over the past 3 years. Stonestreet added, “I would not be the Deerfield athlete I am without the role models I’ve looked up to since I was an underclassman: Bailey Cheetham, Hanna Derringer, Christina Halloran, and Ashley Manning.” 

Stonestreet continued, “I am extremely grateful for the support of my coaches Ms. DiNardo, Ms. Creagh, and Mr. Ardery, who push me to work hard on the field and have taught me so much about the game of lacrosse.”

This past summer, Stonestreet announced her commitment to play lacrosse at Hamilton College. Stonestreet said about the commitment, “I’ve always wanted to play lacrosse in college, so I dedicated my time attending recruiting showcases, traveling to play days and competing in club tournaments.” 

Without  the critical junior year season and having to overcome the obstacles that COVID-19 presents, Stonestreet still managed to attend school visits. “I knew I wanted to go somewhere with good academics as well as competitive athletics and a tight-knit community feel much like Deerfield. I was instantly attracted to how Hamilton balanced academics and athletics, the positive vibes of the girls on the lacrosse team, and that it was part of the NESCAC,” Stonestreet noted.

As Stonestreet heads off to Hamilton College next year, her impact on the lacrosse team will live on. She will leave behind a legacy of exemplary leadership, passion for the game, tenacity, and skill. Stonestreet will carry on her spirit and love for the game as she begins her new journey at Hamilton next year.