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The Winter Sport Cults
Sydney Bluestein '21 Staff Writer
April 2, 2021

Teams never seem to be closer than during the winter term at the Academy. With varying practice times that run late into the night, it seems that sports and performing arts co-curriculars are always together. Throughout this term I have been observant of teams’ presence on campus. Below are my rankings for the cultiness of each winter team on campus:

Rosa Sun ’21
  1. Boys’ hockey: The hockey boys all seem to live on the same halls in either Barton or Field each year. They travel in packs and eat each meal in the dining hall together. They will never be spotted in anything other than their team gear on the weekends. This team is evidently a great group of kids with a tight bond. 
  2. Girls’ hockey: Our campus is drowning in gray hockey jackets. It is difficult to distinguish the hockey girls in public when they have their hoods up. This team feels the need to take up three entire tables in the dining hall pavilion each night. They always hang out by the rink with a speaker provided by Keri Clougherty ’21. 
  3. Boys’ and Girls’ Swim and Dive: In typical years, the swim trip to Florida is a perfect opportunity for the girls and boys swim team to become close. However, in the days of COVID, there are no longer joint practices or competitions. You can mostly spot these teams around campus by the soaking wet hair and strong stench of chlorine. And don’t forget the parkas—they’re always paired with the faint sounds of “Aga Chi” from the deck.
  4. Girls’ squash: Though they may be few in number this year, girls squash is always spotted in matching Lululemon outfits. The high blonde ponytails can be spotted from miles away. 
  5. Girls’ basketball: As one of the tallest female identifying students on campus, Claire Cummings is always spotted at the front of the pack. Girls basketball survived quarantine where they truly bonded as a team. There’s nothing like ten days of isolation to form new friendships and inside jokes. 
  6. Boys’ Squash: Each member of the boy’s squash team can be spotted with the squash bag always accompanied by a racket close by. They typically wear the same sweatshirt design in one of three colors: green, white, or black.
  7. Skiing’: The ski team has such a wholesome bond as evidenced by their bus rides to Berkshire East and their team dinner each night. You will never see a ski team dinner that is not headed by Mr. Dancer and Ms. Munkittrick.
  8. Boys’ basketball: This team is mostly football 2.0, but they do not seem to share the same bond. Occasionally, they will be spotted at team dinner, looking down on their shorter friends.
  9. Performing arts co-curricular: These members of the community seem to live in the Hess. They do not seem to travel in such large packs as sports teams around campus. 
  10. Coed Wrestling: This team is rarely seen at team dinner, though that is not to say they are not close. They seem to have truly grown as a program within the last few years.