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Making the Winter Term Less Ruff
Ellie Shilling '21 Staff Writer
April 2, 2021


Bernedoodle, 3 months old

Hi everyone! My name is Rainy, short for Rainbow. I arrived on campus a couple of months ago as a Christmas present for the DiNardos. Some of my favorite things include playing with my sisters and all of the girls that live with my family, especially when they give me treats. I’m also really good friends with Kelce and Bunny. I love playing outside with them. Sometimes my sisters and parents throw me a yellow or white ball that they say is for “lacrosse”. I’ve heard I’m supposed to be good at lacrosse like my family, but I don’t know if I’d be very good at it. When I play with the other dogs it is always so much fun. We run and run and run for so long. But sometimes I get really tired and need to lay down in the cold snow. But we always get lots of cuddles from our families afterwards. They say that I’m going to be really big when I’m older, but not quite as big as Kelce. Yet now we’re about the same size. Bunny is much smaller, and sometimes when we’re playing we forget and trample over her. But she always fights back. I can’t wait to meet more people here!

Natasha Leong ’21


Newfoundland Great Pyrenees Mix, 2.5 months old

What’s up everyone? I’m Kelce. My family, the Browns, brought me to this strange place just a couple of weeks ago. But I love it so much! Everyone’s always telling me what a good girl I am and I always have somebody to play with. They keep saying that I’m named after a famous football player, but I don’t even know what football is. I think maybe it’s the game that my brothers sometimes play outside. I like it when they play outside because sometimes they throw the yellow thing in the sky and then I get to go find it in the fluffy cold stuff under my feet. I think they call it “snow”, but whatever it is, I like it! It makes me feel cold and it’s fun to jump through. I also like when they let me play with all of the other girls that live with me. They always give me lots of pets. But there’s one terrible thing they’ve been doing recently. At night they’ve been trying to get me to sleep in this dark box with bars around it. I don’t know why they do it. I want to sleep with them like my sisters Bear, Annie, and Ginger do. I just get so lonely in there by myself and sometimes try to tell them, but they just come in and tell me to “shh”. I love Bear and Annie, they look just like me and like to play with me outside. On the other hand, Ginger doesn’t like to play with me as much. She’s so strange and jumps on top of things where I can’t reach her and sometimes when I try to play with her, she uses her paw to scratch me. But when Ginger makes me sad I can always get cuddles from my brothers, or go play with my friends Rainy and Bunny. Anyways, I hope someday we can play together and be friends! 


Black Lab Golden Retriever Mix, 2.5 months old

Hey! I’m Bunny, the newest dog on the block. I came here a few weeks back, and have had so much fun so far! I love hanging out with my mom, Ms. O, and all of my aunts that live with me in Mather. They give me lots of treats and pets. My mom says that I eat like a horse but I don’t know what that means. I really like playing outside with my friends Rainy and Kelce. They’re both so much bigger than me, but I’m not scared of them! I like when we play with sticks. I like picking up the really big ones but sometimes my friends try to steal them from me! It’s not very nice but I always get them back for it. They may be bigger, but I’m faster. Sometimes when we’re playing, I get really really cold, so my mom picks me up and puts me in her jacket. I like nudging my face between the jacket and her arm. It’s so warm there! Recently I’ve been trying to learn how to walk on the tall things that they call “stairs”. I figured out how to go up them, but going down is just so scary! It feels like I’m going to fall off. I like playing outside and running through the snow, but I also like snuggling up with a blanket. I can’t wait to meet all of you soon!