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The Flock of Geese Have Begun their Migration
Jerry Huang ’23 Associate Editor
February 21, 2021

Deerfield has always been a safe haven for indigenous animals in Western Massachusetts. On a typical day, birds are heard chirping, cows are grazing, and you may even see a student actively recording a squirrel ready to post it on the Squirrels Of Deerfield Instagram account. However, every year, in between the fall and spring, Deerfield’s campus has become an open sanctuary for not just native animals, but foreign ones too, leaving many concerned with whether the door has been held too open. 

Migrating from the north, canadian geese make their journeys south yearly in search of endowment and friendship, two qualities Deerfield never comes short of. Home of heated sidewalks, and Canada Goose’s not so distant cousin from Italy, Golden Goose, Canada Goose is seen almost everywhere on campus, it’s distinct patterns leaving the Deerfield door at risk of replacement each time they come. 

In recent years, the spike in canadian geese growth has been exponential and like Sammy Cahn writes in his song Let it Snow, “man it doesn’t show signs of stopping.” Suddenly, for the first time, the Deerfield logo was endangered, as prospective students questioned tour guides whether Deerfield athletics were sponsored by Canada Goose, whether Deerfield Academy was sponsored by Canada Goose, and worse yet, asking the question “are those badges your school emblem?” while pointing at students wearing Canada Goose walking by. 

In the past two years, the biggest countermeasure the Deerfield administration has undertaken is changing winter term to casual dress in hopes of repopulating the campus back with green and striking back against the foreign foes. Luckily, finally allowing students to wear the things they buy from the school store to class has reignited merchandise demand and the Deerfield colors and symbol can be seen reclaiming its territory. In the end, the score is tied up as the doors seem to have won the battle against Canada Goose. As for Golden Goose… nobody seems to know the answer to that one. Are they even a viable contender when their lifespans are a couple weeks long? Who knows, time will tell…