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Board Editorial: Seeking Truth
Board Editorial
February 21, 2021

“It is our job — more than ever before — to report the news accurately and honestly.” 

— The Associated Press     

The Scroll has always strived for thoroughness and diversity in opinions, views, and experiences in all of our articles. In a recent email conversation to the board, former Opinion-Editorial editor Nadia Jo ’19  noted that “the Scroll, no matter what year, [is] ecstatic to receive a flood of incisive, well-researched opinion articles that analyze facts and relevant evidence.” 

By publishing a range of fact-based articles and op-eds, we hope to come closer to sharing the truth with the wider Deerfield community. But relaying the truth accurately is difficult in a normal year — and now, with misinformation about a global pandemic and election security abound, it has become a near-Herculean task. 

As a student publication, we have had our fair share of discussions on how we can most accurately represent the interests of the student body, but we have also seen instances where our personal biases have clouded our judgment. Our writers will first approach their friends, for instance, when reporting on the latest Deerfield controversy. We have no surefire way to prevent our own prejudices from creeping into the publication, though we strongly discourage editorializing at writers’ meetings and in our own editing. Faculty members are no longer permitted to submit op-eds to the Scroll, removing the opportunity for students to learn about their uniquely-situated perspectives and experiences. 

As we reflect on the many ways we as a board have had to adapt over the past year, we hope to make delivering the truth to Deerfield our top priority. From committing to run a wider range of perspectives in our articles to our new “Conversation Starters” column, we hope to face the issue of accuracy in journalism head-on. 

As always, we encourage you to reach out to us and submit your opinions for publication. Most of all, as a student, teacher, or member of the administration, you must engage in conversations and discussions across campus, remain open-minded and receptive to opinions different to your own, and strive to seek out the truth yourself.