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A Weekend on the Outdoor Rink
Sydney Bluestein '21 Staff Writer
February 21, 2021

While Deerfield students spent their winter vacations off campus, the Student Planning Committee was hard at work creating a fun covid-friendly atmosphere. A Deerfield Academy instagram post showed the physical plant hard at work building the outdoor skating rink. The outcome was far better than any of us could have imagined, as the quad in front of the Koch has been transformed into a winter wonderland. Now here is a typical scene on the ice rink at 9:00 on a chilly Saturday evening:

The lights twinkle as they are laced within the tall luscious trees that frame the quad. Fire crackles as students huddle around the small pits in adirondack chairs, seeking shelter from the 19 degree wind chill. As one moves in closer, the stadium lights surrounding the rink are blinding. The rink itself is a busy scene. Around the edge are the beginners, holding onto the railing in hope that they do not wipeout and if so, that it does not happen in front of their scheme. As we move inwards, there are those who skate fairly comfortably, but still have not mastered the stop. Lastly, the hockey players. They mostly mess around with their friends, skating straight toward them at full force, only to stop inches before their face, their blades cutting into the fresh ice. 

Lily Lin ’23

The food trucks may be what bring the most Deerfield students out. The Ben and Jerry’s stand was surely a hit and everyone is excited for what Mr. Barbato’s email will say is coming to campus that coming weekend. 

There is lots to see. The outdoor rink is a wonderful opportunity to bring the community together in a safe manner. There is a great diversity of skating experiences, which makes the ice a welcoming environment for all Deerfield students and faculty. So, sign up with your squad for a skating shift on a Friday or Saturday evening; you will not regret it.