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A Beginner’s Guide to Recreating the Magic of a Deerfield Holiday Season
Sydney Bluestein '21 Staff Writer
November 22, 2020

The holiday season at Deerfield contains some of our most cherished traditions. But with COVID-19 regulations, the Deerfield community must find new ways to channel the holiday spirit in a healthy manner. Here are some suggestions to recreate what we love most about the holidays at Deerfield:

Semi! But let’s make it a tad less formal. Everyone should get ready in their favorite dress or blazer with one exception to the traditional Semi dress code, everyone wears funky footwear. Bring out your best Crocs, Birks, or slippers to truly complete your outfit. We all know the worst part of Semi is the pain caused by high heels and stiff loafers. Avoid this inconvenience all together by wearing your favorite comfort shoes. Grab a squad member and dance the night away under string lights. Play the best of Spotify’s jazz albums while swinging along to the beat. Finally, no more sweaty palms or stepped on feet. 

Christmas dinner! Although beef wellington may not be on the menu, what makes Christmas dinner so special is the company. Gather the entire squad outside, if the weather is temperate, and discuss your favorite holiday traditions. Feel free to play some holiday sing alongs in the background. Some suggestions: Santa Baby, I’m gettin nuttin’ for Christmas, and Adam Sandlar’s Hanukkah Song. The night must with the entire squad linked arm in arm singing the Even Song while overlooking the beautiful mountains, which may or may not be covered in snow at this rate. 

Snow fight, but global warming edition! Typically, November is filled with snowy days and the temptation to “First Snow” someone. Yet, the November weather this year has been around 70 degrees, ruining the tradition of snowball fights. However, there are many leaves coating the paths. Rather than throwing someone into a pile of snow, nudge them into a large pile of crunchy fallen leaves. Without snow in the foreseeable future, we must adjust to allow new Deerfield students to learn about their first “winter” the right way. 

However you may celebrate, I wish everyone at Deerfield a Happy Holidays! I don’t expect COVID-19 to stop this school’s dedicated holiday spirit. I will see you all in January!