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90 Seconds with The Film Guys
Victoria Hansen '21 Staff Writer
November 22, 2020
Natasha Leong ’21

Biggest pet peeves?

Robert: Food Noises.

Alesi: Incompetence. 

Robert: Come on you have to have something better than that. 

Alesi: Balloons. 

Robert: That’s not a pet peeve. 

Alesi: But I don’t like them. 

Suhayb: Texting while talking to someone. 

Quarantine past time?

Alesi: HIIT workouts. 

Robert: Long walk on the beach.

Suhayb: Catan! 

Alesi: Oh yeah Catan! 

If you were stuck on a desert island, what 1 item would you bring?

Alesi: A green grocer (farmers market)

Robert: That’s an item? If you were legitimately stuck on an island what’s the best thing you should have?

Suhayb: Definitely a machete. 

Robert: A boat. 

Natasha Leong ’21

Suhayb: It’s gotta be a knife. 

Alesi: Alright, a knife.

Favorite Movie? 

Alesi: Fight Club

Robert: Anything by the Coen brothers. 

Alesi: I’m pretty much a David Fincher fan girl. 

Suhayb: Coco!

If you could make a video about anything, what would it be?

Alesi: A tie between great whites and whales

Robert: I’d make a documentary about George Carlin. 

Suhayb: Something related to soccer and Latin-American culture. 

One word to describe yourself in highschool?

Alesi: Outgoing, I went to three different high schools so I had to learn to make friends fast

Robert: Suhayb was just universally liked, but that’s not one word. 

Suhayb: Universally-liked?