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What Your Mask Says About You
Elle Stearns '23 Staff Writer
October 31, 2020

In these COVID-stricken times, you are never fully dressed without a mask. We have seen a variety of masks on campus, and your masking choices may reveal more about you than you think. From N-95 to neck gaiters, the Scroll has got you covered; here is what your mask says about you. 

Plain Surgical Mask: If you wear a medical mask, you are the majority of Deerfield students. You like to blend in with the crowd, and you don’t care enough to commit to a new mask type. You likely haven’t done your laundry in 2 weeks and these masks are definitely scattered around your dorm room. 

N-95 Mask: Unlike the surgical mask-ers, if you wear a N-95 mask, you are serious about the virus and want people to know it. When news about COVID started in March, you researched everything there was to know about the virus and brought it up at any possible moment. Your parents also probably didn’t let you watch Disney channel or eat too much candy. 

Homemade mask: If you wear a homemade mask, you probably got it from your neighbor or grandma. You are waiting for your Amazon shipment of oat milk to come, and you are an avid composter. 

Masks with a Sports Logo: You are obsessed with your sport, and you are not afraid to defend your favorite team.

Rosa Sun ’21

Store-Bought/Cute Masks: If you wear “cute” masks, you like to match your mask with your outfit. Online shopping is one of your favorite procrastination techniques and you always have something from Amazon at shipping and receiving. You can handle it when your room is moderately messy, but you prefer when everything is in its place. You also make sure that other people have joined the Zoom class before you join, even if that means you are a few minutes late. 

Black Reusable Mask: If you wear a black mask, then you are just trying to get through school. You don’t spend too much time picking out what to wear in the morning and you usually wake up 10 minutes before your class. 

Neck Gaiter: If you wear a neck gaiter you are either an intense athlete, or you have no concern for COVID. At this point you probably aren’t on campus because of COVID violations. Your favorite breakfast is a giant bowl of cereal and you have probably missed the last four Canvas assignments.