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Week In The Life Of A Scroll Writer
Jerry Huang ’23 Associate Editor
October 31, 2020

*Wednesday night writers meeting* 

“Thanks everyone, remember articles are due in one week! Repeat after me, when I say one you say week, one week! One week!”

T – 168 hours until article is due: 

No way, how did that meeting take up a whole hour of my Wednesday night? Did people actually show up to the arts section today? I don’t remember anyone asking. Oh, hopefully they also didn’t notice my camera being off the entire time. Ugh, I hope I don’t need to interview anyone for my article—interviewing over zoom is so strange… Anyways, I’m still going to try to get started on it early because I have my compsci and chinese projects both due next week. Maybe Grace will even be impressed with my swift submission.

Words written: 0

*Friday night,*

T – 120 hours until article is due:

Ok,  “Week In The Life Of A Scroll Writer.”  this should honestly be a walk in the park. I’ll just make a timeline and write it so the scroll writer I’m describing procrastinates until the last day and is super stressed out. This is easy money, I kinda even feel bad for this character because it could never be me. I’ll get started on it this Sunday and should be able to finish it in less than an hour. 

Words written: 0

*Sunday Afternoon* 

T – 75 hours until article is due:

I miss Sunday brunch so much. Cold breakfast just doesn’t compare to our normally fluffy waffles, scrumptious omelets, and heavenly acai bowls. Yeah I’m gonna just order some UberEats JUST KIDDING, oh my you actually thought I was gonna break covid rules, but the lunch was alright. Ok, but actually on the real note, I gotta at least start my Scroll article. I have a 3 hour block and it shouldn’t take that long anyways—right? I can afford to work outside, right? It’s a beautiful day after all, not gonna get many of these after today. 

Words written: 5

*Wednesday Night 11:30pm*

T – 0.5 hours until article is due:

Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about my scroll article. I still have a 5 minute iMovie presentation I have to finish before class tomorrow, and that’s going to take me another 2 hours. 

Wait a minute, I can still get an extension, though, right? Hold on, hold on,  let me check what the email said again. 

“If you need an extension, let me know a day in advance. Thank you.” 

Frick! A day in advance?! Welp it’s too late now… Or is it? Wait what happens if you turn in an article late without asking for an extension? Will Grace ever let me write a Buzz article again?. Shoot, am I gonna risk it for the biscuit? What even is the biscuit? Ok I’m sending an email back. I have to get the extension. UGHHHH! What happened to finishing my article early and making Grace proud? 

Words written: 5

*Thursday Morning*

T + 12 Hours since article was already due:

Phew, I got the extension, I’ve now got until Sunday morning to finish it. Grace is the best. Finally, I can relax a little bit too. I deserve a short break for all the work I put in earlier in the week. 

Words written 5

*Sunday Morning*

Aw shoot here we go again.

*Furiously typing* “Day in the life of a scroll writer….”

*three hours later*