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How to do Long Distance Relationships
Grace Russell '21 Buzz Editor & Camille Glatt '21 Contributing Writer
October 31, 2020

Hello Deerfield. We’re back after a long hiatus! For this edition of Grace and Camille providing unwarranted advice, we are here to tell you how to make long distance relationships work. Crazy! Who are we to tell you what to do, but given how we’ve made our friendship work from hundreds of miles away, perhaps our advice can save your failing social and love life. We understand how hard it can be to be at school away from loved ones at home so here are our three best tips. 

Tip One: FaceTime often. Whether this be a meet the parents or a dining hall and home cooked meal date, it is important to have conversations in real time. If this is with a romantic partner, set the mood with some fake candles (we can’t legally encourage real ones), whip out the white table cloth, and put on some Morgan Wallen. In the case of a friendship, do as you always would. Run through literally every part of your day—we like to call this our daily debrief. Every part. What did you eat, how many times did you blink, bring them on a socially distanced jog with the new scheme, etc. Kidding… Don’t be insane. Do ask about each other’s day, maybe play some Club Penguin together, or Netflix party before the WiFi turns off. 

Tip Two: Send each other care packages. A fan favorite is always their favorite food (Camille, please send me Baked and Wired cupcakes, like now…), a cute letter, or some flowers they’ll throw in the trash. This is a sure way to brighten your loved one’s day and show that you are thinking about them. The river flows both ways, though! Make sure you send the people who are at home something as well- they miss you just as much (cough, Grace this is your cue. Shape up or ship out). 

Tip Three: Plan your future visits. Having something to look forward to really gets you through a tough day. Think of fun things to do when you are finally reunited with your “special friend” or simply, friend. A trip to the aquarium is always a good gameplan, or I don’t know alarm clock shopping. These are some great ideas to get the ball rolling. Apologies, we aren’t that good at this. 

We hope that our tips from a 7 month long distance friendship help you out. We sure have learned a thing or two, ‘cuz we’ve seen a thing or two. Hey, Grace stop writing stupid stuff. We love you all!


Grace and Camille