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Summer Break Tips in Quarantine
Camille Glatt '21 Staff Writer & Grace Russell '21 Buzz Editor
May 11, 2020

Can you believe that school is almost over? We can’t either! It seems just like yesterday that we received our Zoom codes for the first day of virtual classes. With warmer days on the horizon, you know what that means…

  1. It’s time to whip out that Sun-In and tanning oil. Now we’re sure, just like us, you wish you could be enjoying the warmer days with friends. Trust us, we’d much rather be by the riv than in our backyards. Alas, this is the reality… so, grab your computer (make sure you bring something to cool it down so you don’t have to call IT or Apple support), some snacks, and a pair of sunglasses. 
  2. Barbeque with your besties! Although the typical barbeque does not adhere to social distancing guidelines, it is another summer activity that can go virtual. So throw on your favorite apron, some burgers on the grill, and have some fresh watermelon with your friends on FaceTime.
  3. If you feel so inclined to see friends, grab your cutest mask, and stay six feet apart. Seriously… Most of your favorite summertime activities can be enjoyed from across the yard. We recommend some CDC-approved Spikeball or a quarantine photoshoot to show off your newest tie-dyed mask. 
  4. Now, if you are like us, you must be yearning to throw on a bathing suit and go to the beach. This is still an option, as long as you do so safely. Put on an underwater phone case and FaceTime under the waves, or if you’re feeling bold, mount your phone to a surfboard for some virtual surf sessions. 

We hope you all are safe and well, and that you take advantage of these next three months even if it is different than most years. We still miss you all more than we can explain. 

xoxo, Grace and Camille