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Quarantine Schedule
Lily Steinwold '21 Staff Writer
May 11, 2020

1:00 PM: Wake Up

1:02 PM: Check Tik Tok

1:46 PM: Put down your phone, go back to bed

2:30 PM: Actually get up, morning routine (Optional: do a Chloe Ting Workout)

2:45 PM: Shower

3:00 PM: Kitchen for the first snack of the day

3:07 PM: See if there’s anything new on Netflix (I highly recommend Never Have I Ever or Hollywood)

3:23 PM: Check TikTok

3:56 PM: First mandatory family walk

4:30 PM: Pre-Dinner Snack

4:45 PM: Cry then post about it on your private story

6:00 PM: Dinner

6:30 PM: Dessert 

6:45 PM: Second mandatory family walk

7:30 PM: Facetime friends because social distancing

8:00 PM: Cry a bit more

8:15 PM: Post-dinner snack

8:30 PM: Watch a movie

10:30 PM: Annoy your siblings or play with pets (if you have neither, just pace around your room)

11:00 PM: Start a new show on Netflix

4:30 AM: Finish the show

4:45 AM: Bedtime routine

5:00 AM: Bedtime!