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New Dorm Blueprints
Katrina Csaky '21 Staff Writer
May 11, 2020

Below: The blueprints for the dormitory planned to replace Dewey by June 2021.

This year it was announced that Dewey would be torn down – partially because of the age of its building materials – and rebuilt to meet the housing needs of students and faculty. A new dorm will be built in its place, originally planned to be completed in June 2021. It will be connected to Denunzio through a shared common room. Both floors in the new dorm will only house twenty upperclassmen boys. 

Workers started preparations for construction in Denunzio during the winter term. Stuart Grow ‘20 commented, “Despite the tight time frame during the school year that the contractors for Deerfield had to work within, the workers were extremely considerate of the students living in the dorms… I would see them working in the ceilings in the hallways and sometimes taking measurements in the bathroom/common rooms. To me, there were no inconveniences of the contractors working in the dorm.”

Credit: Keith Finan

As Dewey is set to be torn down and rebuilt during the following school year, the administrative decision to transform the Mods into dorm rooms has been made, to create more housing space.