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Class of 2020 Nostalgia Playlist
Jerry Huang ’23 Staff Writer
May 11, 2020

To the seniors, thank you for your immense contributions to our community. Although your time was cut short, your Deerfield spirit is something that I hope will remain with you forever. Here are some of the songs that defined your most memorable moments. 

  1. Mr. Brightside — The Killers 

Christina Halloran recalls this song because it “plays at every dance and everyone always sings along.”

  1. Maniac — Conan Gray

Liv Mikesell chooses this song as she remembers “this song echoing through the walls of the rink at the boys’ hockey games this winter.”

  1. Sweet Caroline — Neil Diamond

Ethan Chen relives “screaming bah bah bah at the top of my lungs in the dorm.”

  1. One Kiss — Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris

This song reminds Alton Machen of the hockey season.

  1. She Used To Be Mine — Sarah Bareilles

Izzy Hamlen shared a sweet memory: “The night before graduation, sophomore year, my friend Lara and I pulled an all-nighter, surprised our proctors and everything, and at 5:30 AM, when Mather’s doors unlocked, we went on a walk around campus and played this song at the river while reminiscing and talking about how we wanted to be proctors… Senior year, when we became proctors in Mather, we promised each other that on our night of graduation, we’d pull an all-nighter and go to the same spot at the river and listen to this song again— it was supposed to be our final farewell together like we were coming full circle. I could not have gotten through Deerfield without Lara and wish I could’ve thanked her in person; but I know that once this all blows over, we’ll go back to that spot and do what we planned.”

  1. Any song by the band AJR

Adam Sussbauer chooses this because “it’s literally the only thing that David Chen would ever play.”

  1. Bad and Boujee — Migos ft. Lil Uzi Vert

Henry Renelus remembers this song from Risky Business 2017.

  1. The Box — Roddy Rich

“I heard The Box for the first time in Alex Kirley’s room and I remember thinking it went super hard. It later became the song on the ski team that we’d listen to before races to ski faster.” – Sam Laur 

“The swim bus reminds me of ‘The Box’” – Maggie Tydings 

  1. Hot Shower — Chance the Rapper ft. MadeinTYO & DaBaby

Stuart Grow likes this song because of its contrast to “the cold water-only showers in the dorms.” 

  1. Hold My Liquor — Kanye West

“During the fall when I was in Barton, this was the song I set for my alarm tone on my phone. So whenever I needed to wake up at 3 AM to finish my homework, this would be the song that woke me up. This past autumn was the most fun I’ve ever had at school, and I will hold on to the memories from those days forever.” – YDD Salmassi 

  1. Lover (Remix) — Taylor Swift ft. Shawn Mendes

Nikita Pelletier shares, “There’s always one song every once in a while that I listen to and never stop listening to and this past year it was definitely this one. I played it so many times that most of my friends got sick of it, but whenever I hear it, I think of nights walking back from the library with Saads playing it on my speaker, or walking to swim practice with Izzy, or when Mina Liang came to visit and me, Izzy, and Allison Xia just sat in her parked car blasting it. It always made me feel calm when I was stressed. In general, it just makes me think of all of the people I love at Deerfield and all the people that love me and the beautiful moments that made us who we are.” 

  1. Build Me Up Buttercup — The Foundations

Victoria Patterson chooses this song because “The DAGXC team would play this song every Thursday afternoon while driving back from our river run in Vermont!”

  1. I Lived — OneRepublic

Looks like David Chen listens to something other than AJR. @Adam Sussbauer

  1. Tequila — The Champs

“Fireball with the boys,” says Mason Zhao.

  1. Say So — Doja Cat
Natasha Leong ’21

Maggie Tydings says a lot of TikTok songs remind her of Deerfield, either watching or making TikToks with her friends. “Music, especially this song, reminds me of my beloved time at Deerfield because so many of the memories that I made were made with music. Whether it was making TikToks or dancing in the squash courts, my best spent time was spent with music!” 

Senior year is always the most memorable year of high school. Even though we may not be able to celebrate one last time together this year, hopefully, these songs can remind you of some of the most meaningful times you had at Deerfield.