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A Farewell to Profe. Camacho
Juliette Lowe '21 Contributing Writer
May 11, 2020

I first met Juliana Camacho midway through last year when she took over the task of teaching my Spanish 3 class. Having thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the year, I was beginning to grasp the language. After many tears over essays and grammar tests, I was hesitant to have that possibly stripped away with this new teacher. Thankfully, I had no need to worry. 

Ms. Camacho defied the normal “substitute teacher” stereotypes from day one when she established her utmost experience and control in the classroom. Ms. Camacho has a way of helping students understand the Spanish language in a way that is truly unique, and this teaching style instilled within me a new confidence and love for the Spanish language. And Ms. Camacho put in the time to make this happen, making herself available for extra help even when she didn’t have to, and she thoroughly annotated work so that whatever we turned in was sure to be the very best. By the end of the year, my Spanish had improved in leaps and bounds, as well as my passion for the subject. Ms. Camacho, I am sorry that I, and other students, were not able to spend more time with you, but the short time we did I guarantee that we all remember fondly. Thank you, and best wishes for the next endeavor.