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A Farewell to Ms. Ford
Alex Bautista '21 and Andy Kim '21 Contributing Writers
May 11, 2020

No one from Dewey expected to spend their Tuesday evenings watching The Bachelor in the Dewey common room. However, Ms. Ford, our dorm associate, had different plans. She somehow had us hooked. Every week, we would put down all of our homework, pull the couches in front of the TV, and watch 90 minutes of drunken debauchery.. 

It ended up being a terrible season (thanks, Peter!), but the fact that all of us would be there watching it together kept us coming back. We’d argue about who we thought didn’t deserve a rose (one answer: Mykenna) while munching on the feed she would always get us. No matter how our Tuesdays went, we all knew we had those 90 minutes to look forward to at the end of the day. 

The story could have stopped there, one of a great dorm resident we looked forward to seeing every week. However, we also had a glimpse into her job in the Admissions Office, when we would make it a habit to pop into her office after Cookies & Cocoa  every Friday. She would read hundreds of applications every day, but she would light up when talking about a few kids she really saw here at Deerfield. If she believed that someone truly deserved a spot here at Deerfield, she would fight for them, because she always remembered that there was a kid behind every page.

As Dewey disappears into Deerfield’s past, so will Ms. Ford. It’s a fitting end for both, as Dewey would never be the same without her.