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A Farewell to Ms. Cornelius
Abby Persons '21 Staff Writer
May 11, 2020

For the first half of my junior year, I dreaded U.S. history. I thought I had already learned everything, and taking the course seemed more tedious than educational. But, after having Ms. Cornelius as a teacher, it was anything but. There was not a single day that I felt that dread while walking to class. We would start every day with a variation of a one-word check-in (every word was acceptable except for things like fine, good, or tired). Afterward, she’d passionately weave through a different time period, inquiring often to make sure everyone’s voices around the mahogany table, or morning zoom call, were heard. 

Every day in our either too-hot or too-cold room in the Main School Building was an adventure as we tackled both well-known and brand new topics from a new perspective. Somehow, Ms. Cornelius managed to bring new light to everything we learned. From watching her try to make us smile every morning, to seeing her familiar face at Sunrise Movement meetings and hearing nothing but sweet things about “Coach Corndog,” I know Ms. Cornelius will be sorely missed by the Deerfield community. One word to describe Ms. Cornelius (without using fine, good, or tired) would be accomplished. She has done so much for me, and for everyone she’s had an impact on; and she is destined to do, to accomplish, even more after she’s left campus.