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A Farewell to Mr. Lawlor
William Abou-Rjaili '22 Contributing Writer
May 11, 2020

For the past two years, I have gotten to know Mr. Lawlor, first as a man on duty in my dorm and then as my computer science professor. Mr. Lawlor has been a rock for many at Deerfield. Be it late night conversations on big O efficiencies, or sit-down pleasantries on the television series Breaking Bad, he would always be fully immersed in the conversation and in the vicissitudes of our lives. 

In his profession, Mr. Lawlor is second to none. He brings an atmosphere of amusing captivity to every class, making a first-period Computer Science class something to look forward to. His exciting technique of teaching his class is paralleled only by his sublime ability to simplify problems and explain his craft to others. He pushes us to our limits each and every day, expecting from us what we once saw as impossible and spinning the bland AP curriculum into a tale of creativity and accomplishment. 

Out of the classroom, Mr. Lawlor brings a youthful energy to the campus that warmed the winter months. His radiant smile would always proliferate across our campus, be it from the lacrosse and soccer fields to the pathways. 

His resilience is also an inspiration to all of us. Through pandemics and torn ACLs, Mr. Lawlor would always fight for his students. When one of us seemed perturbed, he made a special point to speak to us. When something was to be done, he was the first to volunteer. And when we needed to be pushed, he did so willingly and joyfully.

Mr. Lawlor, your legacy will always live on at Deerfield. Your presence, though maybe not physical, will be felt for years to come. Be proud of the work you have done here; you have touched others’ hearts in a way few men have. We wish you well in your future endeavors and pray that you change others’ lives just as you did ours.