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A Farewell to Mr. Grimm
Kate Landino '20 Contributing Writer
May 11, 2020

Mr. Grimm and I were both “new juniors,” graduating from Deerfield in the same year. Mr. Grimm: what can’t he do? He is a singer, actor, dancer, vegan baker, photographer, writer, you name it: he does it all. With all of his musical theater knowledge, he was able to brighten up rehearsal spaces full of overworked teenagers. Mr. Grimm never failed to bake an incredible vegan birthday cake for someone in the theater department, step in to take headshots for the shows, dance in showcases, or give useful advice.

He stepped in to take on obstacles that nobody else was built to do at our school. One of the first times I really spoke to Mr. Grimm, he reflected on his decision to teach at Deerfield. He said, “People in my life would ask me, ‘Why Deerfield? Why would someone like you choose a preppy, previously all-boys prep school?’” He would respond, “‘If not me, then who else?’” Not only will Mr. Grimm be my forever duet partner, but his impact on the Deerfield community bred a more accepting and open student body. Drag performances at school meetings became the norm, and Mr. Grimm transformed the creative arts into a celebration equal to those of lacrosse and football. Thank you, Mr. Grimm, for reminding us to keep open minds and positive outlooks, and for all of the memories. I will miss you, and Deerfield will, too.