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Letter From The Editor
Claire Quan '20 Editor-and-Chief
April 11, 2020

Dear Reader,

If you walk into the basement of the Kendall during layout week, this is what you’ll find: Lily and Seth writing the latest buzz article that was never submitted; Maggie eating Domino’s lava cakes; Sarah and Annie with a printing crisis; Anna and Angelique dutifully aligning text boxes; Emma eyeing her picture on the progress chart; and Jae, in absentia, having texted in the group chat, shoot we have layout tonight? Over the course of this year, we’ve put out seven issues. That’s seven writer’s meetings, 30 days of layout, and more than 6,000 copies of the Scroll. We knew that many of those copies, since their distribution, were destined to collect dust on wire racks and dorm room floors. But, during those hours we spent in the newsroom, this didn’t seem to make a difference. We were doing work that mattered with people who cared. 

Thank you — to the board and advisors of Vol. XCIV — for your guidance, support, and example. Thank you for caring. 

Over the course of this year, we completely reinvented the Scroll website, paving the way for an expanded online presence. We refined administrative processes with our QR code system and two-strike policy. And, to my absolute delight, for the first time in years, everything is aligned. 

In this issue, we worked with our peer publications at Andover, Exeter, St. Pauls, Groton, and Choate to publish a collaborative mini-series on administrative approaches to COVID-19. The article will cover everything from grading, a tuition refund, and encouraging schools to learn from one another. This is the first time that we have worked with other schools in this capacity and to this extent. 

We pass on this torch to the board of Vol. XCV. It is my privilege to name Harry Niles as the next Editor-in-Chief. Harry, I am so impressed by you. Fight for the truth, and never lose your love of stories.