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Keys to Quarantine
Grace Russell '21 and Camille Glatt '21 Staff Writers
April 11, 2020

Are you wondering how you are going to make it through the next four months of your teenage life with your family? We are too, but here are some tips that will make it a little more bearable. 

  1. During this pandemic, everyone and their mothers seem to have become Martha Stewart. Perhaps it is time for you to hop on that trend and get into the kitchen. Maybe consider backing an old fan favorite and a forever classic – banana bread. If you are looking to be a little more adventurous, try chickpea blondies or sweet potato brownies. While this may sound appalling, and according to our mothers, “they look and smell like the dog’s last potty break,” they are in fact delicious. 
  2. Have you ever heard of whipped coffee? We hadn’t either until we downloaded TikTok. Speaking of TikTok, we would recommend you do the same; although, steer clear of the coffee trend: it’s horrible. TikTok is incredibly educational, and we have now learned how to “throw it back”, received an insider peek into the infamous “Hype House”, and conquered arduous tasks like dying our hair pink. 
  3. After all the TikToks and baking, you must be tired. Why not seek some repose by bundling up with Joe Exotic? Similar to TikTok, the show is extremely educational. It sheds light on animal conservation, amazing country music (“here kitty kitty” is our favorite), and how to get away with murder (*cough* *cough* Carole Baskin). Once you are finished with this rollercoaster of a show, we recommend Love is Blind, Below Deck, and Schitt’s Creek.
  4. Following in the footsteps of our parents (literally), we suggest taking approximately seven walks a day to get out of the confines of your abode. Not only is it a scientifically proven mood booster, but it makes your dog feel as though it is their birthday every day. The absurd number of steps that you will soon be walking will ensure you are passed out by 9:30 pm. Just in time for 12 hours of sweet sleep. 

We hope to see you on Tik Tok, Zoom, or in September with bleached clothing, a new appreciation for baking, some interesting hair colors, and toned calves. We miss you all dearly, stay safe. 

Much love, 

Grace and Camille