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Winter Sports Fans Dominate the Sidelines
Sami Dulam '21 Staff Writer
January 30, 2020

While teams are comprised of players, coaches, managers; fans can be just as crucial to game dynamics. Fan attendance and participation are vital to keeping a team’s spirit during gametime. This winter, the sidelines of games and meets alike have been particularly rowdy, with students across the community coming up with creative new ways to support their peers.

One member of the Deerfield community that is in attendance at every game is Kade Goldberg ’21. 

“I am a true believer in home field/court/rink advantage,” said Goldberg, “So, if I can help in any way, I will.” Goldberg also brings humor to the Deerfield fanbase, whether that be by dressing up as a referee or acting as a “DSPN” half-time reporter along with his friends. No matter what Goldberg will wear to the next game, he always buys in and influences others to do the same

Another person that brings humor to games is Annie Gouchee ’21. Gouchee has utilized the resource of the Innovation Lab to make humorous posters for players. 

“My main goal is to bring some fun to the game — especially to the players,” said Gouchee. For example, Gouchee has superimposed the faces of Claire Cummings ’21 and Jane Mallach ’20 onto banners. Gouchee’s posters help bring spirit to the team in the game as well as the starters and the bench. 

Lily Steinwold ’21 has also helped Gouchee with her posters. Steinwold said, “Showing your support is so crucial because it shows the team that’s out there that you care and you want them to win.” 

Both Gouchee and Steinwold stand and cheer during the entire game to show their support. Their additions bring some lightheartedness to the games to help us remember the most essential aspect of Deerfield athletics: inspiring a love for sport.         

Senior cheerleader Seth Blain ’20 makes an effort to support every game he attends. 

“My goal is to bring as much energy as possible to every game, whether it is varsity or thirds, a boys’ or girls’ game,” said Blain. He also aims to use his cheerleader sweater to lead by example as he hopes his energy will influence others. 

Blain said, “I want to show people that giving it your all at every game you go to not only makes it more fun to watch, but makes it more exciting for the players in the game.” Being on two varsity teams, boys’ soccer and boy’s track and field, Blain knows the value to the players of having the support of fans in order to help teams perform to the best of their abilities.

Supporting Deerfield’s athletic teams gives each member of the community an opportunity to be a part of something. Whether it be beating longtime rival Choate Rosemary Hall or dancing in the stands at 80s’ night, being a fan emphasizes the tradition of bleeding green.