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The Art of…New Year’s Resolutions
Ruthie Spencer '22 Staff Writer
January 30, 2020

Every New Year’s Eve, people around the world wait in anticipation for the ball drop, hoping for a better year than the one they are leaving behind. Whether that is getting better grades or trying to improve themselves, resolutions are what keep people focused for the year. This new year is also a new decade, and as we leave the 2010s behind, here are some resolutions and tips from a resident artist on how to make the most of the new decade:

Tip #1: Decorate Your Room 

Whether it be rearranging the decorations you already have or going out to buy new ones, creating your own space in your room can make you feel more relaxed and ready to work. 

If you’re feeling artsy, you could always create something in the iLab to make your room feel more unique and personalized. This is a great way to feel comfortable in your living space before you have to buckle down and complete your homework or study for a test.

Tip #2: Outline Your Year 

Find a notebook and write down your resolutions. You can draw little check boxes and design your notebook with pictures of the goals you want achieved. Organize your reminders and goals using markers or stickers to make your notebook more artistic. 

If you want to go the extra mile, try bullet journaling, and create your dream journal from scratch! This could be a fun way to make sure you stay on track and accomplish what you want!

Tip #3: Clear Your Head 

Many times throughout the year there is so much going on that people don’t have time to reflect on their resolutions. Start with clearing your head by taking a trip to the art loft or just drawing in a quiet space inside or out in nature. If you have a pen and paper in your room, just doodle. Doodling is a great way to relieve stress and help you focus on what you want to accomplish. 

Tip #4: Explore DA Art 

Art is how many people stay connected. From the songs on the radio to new fashion trends, art is all around Deerfield Academy. Learning about the arts on campus can help you stay connected to other students and become a more creative person. 

Audition for a dance piece, an a capella group, or a theater performance; take an art elective, like photography or visual art; visit the von Auersperg Art Gallery and learn about local artists! The arts at Deerfield are full of wonderful surprises that will add more color to your life. You’ve already started reading this page. 

Hopefully you take some of these ideas into consideration for the rest of your year. Here’s to 2020!