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How to Beat Winter Dress
Sydney Bluestein '21 Staff Writer
January 30, 2020

With the arrival of the 2019-2020 school year, the administration announced the addition of casual dress from January until spring term. In the past, faculty members have expressed a variety of  views on what this casual dress looks like in practice. Throughout the long and dark months of winter, the goal is to feel comfortable in class while also looking “presentable.” Here are some tips to appear classroom-ready while achieving a high level of relaxation.

1) In most classes, the duration of the 45 minutes is spent sitting at a desk or a large table. Thus, it is only necessary to look presentable on the upper half. A warm and cozy sweater or pullover is appropriate according to the casual dress guidelines, yet wearing dark colored “pants”/leggings cannot be detected if the teacher is not looking. Entering class quickly and quietly and taking your seat in a timely manner is also advised, so that there is no time to distinguish among the “alleged” pants. 

2) It is currently against the guidelines to wear sweatpants to class. However, the fashion industry produces khakis in jogger form. Joggers are a type of pants that appear identical to khaki pants, except for their scrunched bottoms. Despite this, the material is significantly more comfortable than the stiff pants that are required as class dress. Throw a pair of these joggers on with a pullover and you can look like an academic weapon all the while feeling like you’re at a pajama party.

3) As the temperatures continue to drop and the sun hides, the temptation to keep your coat or jacket on is quite high. So, why not turn this desire into a reality? Though athletic wear is not approved for casual dress, no one will be able to see what shirt is under your jacket if the coat is zipped the entire day. This way, you are able to remain warm with a zipped coat, but not overheated by the sweater or pullover that would typically be worn.

4) Lastly, the best way to remain comfortable is by wearing the equivalent of pajamas. A onesie is technically not forbidden by the guidelines of casual dress. Arriving to class dressed as a giraffe or a shark will brighten everyone’s day. There is an extra layer of warmth embedded in the fur of these onesies:  they are perfect to brighten up a cold winter day.