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Fall and Winter Managers Redefine the Role
Sophia Hamlen '22 Staff Writer
January 30, 2020

Behind the success of most Deerfield teams stands a supportive and dedicated team manager. Though usually in the shadow of coaches and players, their hard work and commitment to supporting their teams is noteworthy. Whether filling up water bottles, keeping score, or taking team statistics, they play an important role in maintaining the victories of Deerfield athletics. 

During their highly successful fall season, the varsity football team was extremely lucky to have manager Emma Kimble ’20. Kimble received roaring applause for phenomenal dedication to supporting the team after earning a spot on Mr. Howe’s Top Ten at the 2019 Fall Athletic Awards. “She has reset the bar and made this role gain significance,” Mr. Howe said. 

An avid football fan, Kimble was able to turn her passion for football into a management role. As the first girl to ever manage the team, Kimble said, “I hope that my experience encourages other girls who share a love for football to get involved.”

Kimble’s role on the team has not only re-shaped the team but also has had a strong effect on herself. Now hoping to pursue athletic management in college, Kimble said, “Being their manager has been such a huge gift, and it really changed the course of my professional future.” 

Winter athletic teams also boast a number of hardworking managers. Jean Jin ’22 is the manager of the girls’ varsity swim and dive team. Jin helps out at home meets by setting up the pool and being an official timer. With the help of Jin and the other swim team managers, the boys’ and girls’ varsity swim teams have maintained an undefeated record. 

Though she provides important logistical help to the team, Jin prides herself most on the moral support she gives. “I give high fives and provide support to the swimmers,” she said. She is very dedicated to supporting each athlete to the best of her ability. “Athletes of varsity sports put more pressure on themselves during competition. So, they can be more stressed, and I have to be extra considerate and flexible,” she said.

Sophia Knoblock ’22, manager of the co-ed varsity wrestling team, noted the unique aspects of being a manager. “You are still able to be involved with a Deerfield athletic team even though you are not actively participating on the court,” she said. 

Casey Smith ’22 enjoys managing co-ed varsity wrestling for similar reasons. Smith notes, “The wrestling team is competitive and focused, and being able to be a part of that, through management, is very fulfilling.” 

Deerfield’s team managers are extremely hard workers and deserve recognition for their role in supporting the successes of Deerfield’s top-tier athletic program.