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A Last Minute Guide to Navigating Valentine’s Day
Whitney Spater '21 Staff Writer
January 30, 2020

Valentine’s Day is once again just around the corner! You may be dreading spending the day alone or looking forward to spending it with a significant other, but there are tons of interesting ways to celebrate on campus. No one wants just another average Valentine’s Day, so consider the following suggestions to spice up your holiday!

1) For starters, there’s always the option of giving your S.O. or bestie a thoughtful gift. Some ideas include fuzzy socks, heart print school supplies or a single Cheerio from the dining hall. Chocolates are overrated, but if you don’t mind being basic, Richardson’s is always right down the road. 

2) The grind never stops. If you’re spending the day alone, you can treat yourself to a nice Friday night of studying and homework. I think many of us can agree this is a great way to spend any weekend night here at Deerfield. There is truly no feeling like finishing your work Friday night and watching while all your friends break down over the fact that they waited until Sunday night to start their work. This way, you can also free up your weekend to sleep, cheer on your friends at athletic events or just hang out in the dorm. 

3) Make someone a classic card with their face on it in the Innovation Lab. People simply cannot resist seeing their faces on things. Maybe even include a full body shot for emphasis. Be sure to make the card red or pink to emphasize the Valentine’s vibe and embellish it with rhinestones, and you’ll melt anybody’s heart.

4) Treat yourself to a day of complete relaxation. Sometimes that special someone you want to spend the day with is yourself– and that’s completely fine. Turn off your email, close Canvas and for 24 hours, ignore all your work and problems. This could mean spending the day in bed, watching Netflix and playing video games, going to the Greer and camping out in front of the TV with an Oreo Frappe and stack of pancakes, or maybe even punching out a few Tik Toks. Better yet, throw in a face mask—who says Valentine’s Day doesn’t include self love?

5) If you really don’t have any time at all to prepare a gift or a card for your sweetheart, take your OneCard out and be ready to swipe. Buy someone their favorite Greer or Koch meal and cut it into the shape of a heart; both flirty and tasty, your Valentine is guaranteed to appreciate it. 

6) Sing to someone during a sit-down meal. There are plenty of people with summer birthdays that miss out on the chance to get sung to during the school year. As long as they’re okay with a little public attention, I’m sure they would love to get serenaded  at lunch instead.  Maybe if you sound good enough, the Mellow-D’s, Rhapso-D’s or Reme-D’s will try to recruit you.

7) In a similar vein, you can always show gratitude or profess your love for someone through a sit-down announcement or an email to the entire school forwarded through Mr. Kelly. There’s nothing like a public stunt to get someone’s attention.

8) Set up a treasure hunt around campus that ends up traveling in a heart shape. Although this may require a significant amount of effort, it will surely be entertaining not only for your valentine, but for yourself as well as you plan it out. 

No matter who you’re spending Valentine’s Day with, or even if you’re just spending the day alone, enjoy the excuse to turn things into the shape of a heart, do spontaneous things around campus and make it a great day for yourself and everyone you love!