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The Common App Activites List of The Average Deerfield Senior
David Chen '20 Staff Writer
November 8, 2019
Credit: Madeline Lee

Manager, Deerfield Yoga

Prepares yoga sessions for Mr. Hart and his yogis. Rolls up the mats, blocks, blankets, and bands. Refills water bottles during restorative yoga.

Captain, Deerfield Beekeeping

Leads extraction of honey from beehives at Deerfield Academy. Maintains the integrity of the different hives and separates different kinds of bees.

Co-Managing Director, Deerfield LEAF Club

Organizes activities for the new DLC, such as inspecting color-changing leaves under microscopes. Keeps track of the vitals of every leaf on every tree.

Financial Secretarial Assistant to the Junior Intern, Kale University

Worked for two weeks at the world-renowned Kale University in Heartford, Conn., with professors and reps of Fortune 500 companies, like FloorMart.

International Correspondent, Deerfield Potato Chip Tasting Club

Acquires foreign rectangular deep-fried potato pieces of various flavors such as kimchi or jalapeno vegemite for experimental consumption. Assesses supply and demand for chips.

Executive Sound Coordinator, Deerfield Varsity Hockey

Compiles only the finest of musical pieces to play during interludes of hockey games. Hand-picked by a selection committee of the previous class.

Drink Curator, The Deerfield Greer Store

Expertly makes a wide and diverse array of drinks and frozen yogurt. A true beacon of joy to the whole Deerfield community.           

Big Brother, My Family

Free mentor for my younger brother and sister, who are both in middle school. Teaches them how to navigate through tough times in their lives.

Head Mascot, Deerfield Academy Athletics

Dresses up as the Green Machine (the drink not the bus) for all Deerfield game days. Attends every game physically possible. Only consumes green foods and drinks. When cut, bleeds green (use food dye).

Editor-in-chief, Deerfield Scroll

Yells at associates and staff writers to write their articles on time. Says at least five times a day: “This is my whole life.”