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The Art of School Spirit
Christina Li '20 & Ruthie Spencer '22 Staff Writers
November 8, 2019

As Choate Day rolls around, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the deafening battle cries and blaring chants during games. But Choate Day can also be an incredibly fun day and a good way to express your school spirit without even setting foot on a court or a field. Here are a few artistic tips to up your game. Let’s show Choate the creativity Deerfield has on and off the field, with tips from two of your residential Deerfield artists.

#1: Choate Day Shirts: What you wear can be one of the best ways to express your individuality. Almost all of the clubs on campus design club-specific Choate Day t-shirts, which is a great way to show your support for each team.

Credit: Madeline Lee

Designing some of these Choate Day t-shirts can also be an awesome way to have some fun with slogans, making them artsy while showing your school spirit. There have been competitions held by clubs that have yielded incredibly creative shirts, and you can pull inspiration from the winners to create your own as well. Grab a white shirt and some paint and start creating an awesome shirt!

#2: Color: The easiest way to channel your artistic side is to use color to show spirit. No matter whether you’re wearing sports apparel or class dress, green is the color that ties this community together. Wear little splashes of green or all green if you can. The more green, the better. It’s a great way to set us apart and “bleed green.” It’s also a great way to separate us from the nasty blues and yellows of our enemy.

#3: Posters: Want to cheer on your peers? Another way you can express your artistic side is by making posters with various slogans, such as “I Smell Bacon,” “Good Luck,” “Chuck Foate,” or any other short and popular campus cheer. Maybe even take a hand at creating your own unique slogan!

Make use of the iLab’s new poster-maker to design, print, and showcase your poster on Choate Day. Again, color is recommended, as well as the use of legible, big letters. Less is more.

#4: Accessories: Sometimes you don’t want to scream your head off to support your peers, or perhaps you’ve lost your voice from screaming too much. The good thing is that there are a bunch of different accessory options to wear, allowing you to express spirit of your own.

For example, cheerleaders have megaphones they decorate with their own artistic vision—who’s to say you can’t do the same? Grab a handful of pom-poms, ring cowbells, or wave flags of your own design. Find an artsy way to be loud without damaging your vocal cords.

Choate Day is a day for sports, but that doesn’t mean it has to be limited to that. For athletes and non-athletes alike, we have the ability as artists to transform daily items and occurrences into opportunities for creative expression. Whether that be through designing your own Choate Day t-shirt or poster, decorating your megaphone for the sidelines, or wearing all green onto the field, you have the power to execute your artistic vision this coming Saturday.

Let’s go, Deerfield!