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How To Bleed Green During Choate Week
Mary Blake Zeron '21 Staff Writer
November 8, 2019

An important aspect of Deerfield life is community spirit. As students, we express our spirit in many different ways, and we use the phrase “we bleed green” to express the individual ways we can celebrate. Many students want to learn new ways they can express their love for the Academy, so here are 10 ways you can “bleed green”.

1. The Friday before Choate Week grab your friends, head down to the Kravis, and paint some banners! Your work will be displayed outside of dorms, in the dining hall, and in the Koch all week. So, think of some clever ways to roast Choate or cheer on DA.

2. In the week leading up to Choate Day, there will be themed costumes for spirit days. Buy in with your outfit everyday: there’s no such thing as too much spirit. You can’t forget to wear your green and white on Friday! The complete list of Choate Week themes will come out on The Bulletin, so look out for that!

3. Bacon will be grilled outside the Hess. Pick up a tasty snack on your way to class or just stop by to watch the bacon sizzle and take in the sweet smell of cooked boar. If you have time, you can even join in on the fun, manning the grill and bringing joy to all.

4. The Dining Hall is an exciting place during Choate week. During meals, you will hear students battle crying one another. This entails one or more people yelling “Mary Blake, Mary Blake, don’t be shy, do the Deerfield battle cry!” and the ideal response would be that person standing up and yelling “V-I-C-T-O-R-Y! That’s the Deerfield Battle Cry!” The spelling can get a little confusing. Make sure you practice and don’t forget to battle cry your friends!

Credit: Deerfield Archives

5. Get ready to escape your studies when the cheerleaders come for dorm runs. You get to scream at the top of your lungs with your hallmates right next to you. This will get you pumped for the upcoming days.

6. Burn everything you have that’s blue or yellow. Yes, that does include your blue jeans, sorry. The best part–you don’t even have to make your own fire because there is a bonfire at the end of the week.

The Friday of Choate Week, after dinner, paint your entire body green to get ready for the pep rally and bonfire. If you aren’t that committed, there is also green and white face paint in The Hitchcock. Whatever the case may be, wear your best green and white and head to the pep rally. After that, get ready to cheer as the Choate ‘C’ gets swallowed by the massive bonfire.

7. Record yourself singing “The Fight Song” and set it as your ringtone or alarm clock. What a fantastic way to wake up.

8. Politely request less homework from your teachers so you can focus your energy on the week’s activities and supporting Deerfield teams!

9. Go to every game on Choate Day! Wake up bright and early, throw on your Choate Day attire, then head down to the fields. Bring all your spirit and hatred for Choate, and whether you will be crushing Choate on the fields or cheering on your friends from the sideline, make sure to give it your all. Get rowdy. Get so rowdy you lose your voice and can’t speak for the next week.

10. Be loud. Be proud. And most importantly, don’t forget to be worthy.