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Hanna Deringer Reigns as Captain
Molly Connors '20 Staff Writer
November 8, 2019

Visibly leading the Deerfield student body with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness is Hanna Deringer, a current senior. She stands proud, worthy of the title Captain Deerfield.  Appointed as the first solo female captain, following in the footsteps of Bailey Cheetham ‘19 who co-captained alongside Mikey Holland ‘19 in the previous year, Hanna had big shoes to fill. However, Hanna has risen to the occasion and set an impressive example for generations to come. “I feel empowered as a Deerfield girl to pursue sports and leadership because of Hanna,” said Camila Navarro Dela-Vega ’20. Fellow cheerleader, Evan Burkert ’21 said, “She is showing everyone that girls can be just as capable as leaders here at Deerfield.” Hanna was described by her peers as “supportive” and “welcoming,” with an undeniable energy that she never fails to bring to both school meetings and sports games.

Her hard work, determination and sportsmanship also mark her play on the field. Towards the end of her lacrosse season, Hanna tore her ACL; despite this, she showed up to every game. Hanna’s energy both on and off the field is admired by many. “She came to practice and games with such a positive attitude and still contributed to the team through her celebrations and joyful spirit,” said teammate Sarah Stonestreet ’22. Julia Placek ’20, a fellow teammate and cheerleader, said, “Hanna was so supportive on the bench” and always “started the cheers.”

Hanna brings this same sense of positivity and spirit to her role as Captain Deerfield. As a four year senior, she recalls looking up to Captain Deerfield as an unattainable position. She said, “I was sitting in the dining hall as my friend told me what Captain Deerfield was. I didn’t know before, but when she told me, I thought the position was especially honorable because it wasn’t faculty chosen.” Hanna has taken this position with the same sense of honor and pride she once admired as a ninth grader, and she has set a tremendous example for the rest of Deerfield. Burkert ’21 said, “Her modest approach to her immense power has shown me what it means to be a leader at Deerfield.”

Credit: Izzy Hamlen

Exemplifying truly admirable habits of humility, Hanna is unapologetically herself. Loud and passionate, she has fun with the role and notably “bleeds green!”

She boldly exhibits her Deerfield pride, and as cheerleader Sim Bethel ‘20 adds, “Every game day, you will undoubtedly see her wearing her Captain Deerfield outfit!” 

With Choate Day 2019 approaching, the Deerfield community is certain that Hanna will lead Deerfield with the respect and gratitude she always seems to possess.

Hanna looks forward to “having Choate Day on our home turf.”

Her self-proclaimed favorite part about wearing the uniform is when she “sees the Deerfield student body encouraged and excited by the cheerleaders and [herself].”

Hanna hopes to create a special first Choate Day for new members of Deerfield. As for the senior class, there is no doubt that Hanna will make our last one memorable!