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Food For Thought: How to Cook In a Dorm
Sydney Bluestein '21 Staff Writer
November 8, 2019
Credit: Madeline Lee

We all know that feeling when our stomachs demand food at the strangest hours of the day. For most, this time comes in the middle of the night when you are trying to finish up that last subject of homework. You search every corner of your room only to realize that you allowed your friend to finish your last bag of popcorn the other night. You desperately walk into the common room, sort through the fridge, and find plenty of tasty food, but no means to actually cook it. It’s time to get creative…

Here are five dorm hacks to get you through a hungry night:

1. After three weeks without a functioning microwave in the dorm, you are desperate for some frozen pizza pockets. You then remember that clothes steamer your mom bought for you that you claimed you would never use…think again! Fire that baby up and use it to thaw yourself a quick tasty snack.

2. You find that perfect sandwich meat in the fridge with that fresh sourdough bread in the cupboard, but you cannot bring yourself to eat a cold sandwich. Use your hair straightener as a makeshift panini press.

3. It’s quite a chilly night and you could use some soup to warm you up. The coffee pot your hallmate left in the common room will do just fine. Let’s hope that your tasty tomato bisque does not stain their tip top white machine.

4. You could really go for some s’mores and there just so happens to be leftover ingredients from last night’s feed. The only problem is that you have no source of heat with which to cook this art form. Just whip out your handy dandy iron and press that s’more to perfection. Life hack: you can also use the iron to cook bacon. Get your Deerfield spirit on and have a tasty treat, all without leaving the comfort of your dorm.

5. A half-eaten bag of tortilla chips remains in the common room, but you want to add a little kick. The cheddar cheese in the refrigerator is exactly what you are looking for. You spread the cheese out evenly amongst the chips and dig through your room until you find that hair dryer which finally found its purpose.