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Choate Week Fashion: A Survival Guide
Grace Russell '21 Staff Writer
November 8, 2019

Choate week, full of rivalry and eccentric costumes, is the highlight of the fall term. In anticipation of this whirlwind of fun, students eagerly prepare coordinated outfits and themes for each day of the week. But with all the spirit and hype, many students have trouble thinking of outfit ideas. Here are some suggestions:

Monday Twin Day: Find a friend that has similar or matching clothing as you, such as sweatpants or a sweatshirt, then wear a basic white t-shirt or leggings to complete the outfit. This is a good day to take some fun Instagram photos with one of your good pals. Commit to the character by acting as each other or even attending each other’s classes.

Credit: Madeline Lee

Tuesday Meme Day: This day of the week is always the most difficult. There are so many memes out there but it is so difficult to accurately depict the humor of one in an outfit. One basic outfit is a blue hoodie with sunglasses to be the popular ‘she doesn’t even go here’ meme from Mean Girls. A notable outfit from the past few years is ‘let’s get this bread’ with one person dressing up as Wonder Bread and one person with a net. Another idea is to print out a piece of paper in the shape of a traffic sign that says ‘road work ahead.’ Coordinate with your friends to say “I sure hope it does” in unison.

Wednesday Team Day: This is a fun day to get dressed up with your whole team and show the rest of the school your team spirit. The opportunities are endless: a school of fish, a room of doors, anything but a pack of boars.

Thursday Grade Day: This day’s outfit is picked by your class representatives and is usually something that can include a wide variety of outfits. Last year, 2021 did sports and most people just wore sports jerseys. Have some fun with your grade today!

Friday Green and White Day: Finding an outfit that has green and white in it should not be hard. White pants always work. The Hitchcock House and Athletic Store have plenty of last-minute options, as well.

Saturday Choate Day: The alums are back! Get a pom-pom from the spirit booth to accessorize with your Deerfield beanie. If you aren’t wearing a white sweater, green jeans, and a Barbour jacket, what are you even doing with your life? Enjoy Choate Day!