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A Definitive List: Free Period Combos, Ranked.
Zane Smith '20 Contributing Writer
November 8, 2019
Credit: Madeline Lee

It’s Monday. I rise from bed and check my phone: 9:32. For most, this might be a jarring sight. But for those with first and second period free, it is simply routine.

I’ve been here for a couple years now, with various combinations of free periods in my schedule. Though the free period combinations are all essentially equal — let’s be honest — some are more equal than others.

Somehow, this year, I’ve been blessed with 1 and 2 free, possibly due to karma. My first class usually doesn’t start until 10.

On those days, I feel like my 9 year old self again, taking a sip of McDonald’s Sprite
(McDonald’s Sprite hits different) in the back of my mom’s car after missing school for a doctor’s appointment.

Some days, I stroll into class having easily hit 9 or 10 hours of sleep. Although the combination of first and second free is by far the best, I will also rank the lesser combinations of frees.

Also, I just want to add that I came to the Scroll for the advertised Magpie dinner, but was mewed into writing an article, so this is it.

This is the definitive ranking of free period combinations, according to my expert opinion:

Top Tier:

First and Second Period

Pros: Allows for the longest period of consecutive free time.

Shortens the entire academic day while not any two required obligations.

Cons: Allows for a massive sleep-in on most days.

Feels “too good” sometimes

Upper Tier:

Sixth and Seventh Period

Pros: Day ends 100 minutes earlier, with ample rest time before cocurricular.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are back-to-back half-days

Cons: No time in the academic day to work on procrastinated homework or study last-minute for a test before class.

First and Fourth Period

Pros: Sleep-in no matter the day.

Never have more than 3 classes in a row.

Cons: Getting no work done if you’re a fan of sleeping.

First and Seventh Period

Pros: Day begins later and ends earlier.

Work can be done seventh if first is used for sleeping in.

Cons: Two breaks of 45 minutes is less valuable than one of 100 minutes.

Middle Tier:

Fourth and Fifth Period

Pros: Fourth period includes the fifteen minutes before lunch, so you technically have an hour long free. Even though you don’t. Math.

If combined with a parker room  lunch assignment, it becomes upper tier frees for those who prefer a midday break.

Any two contiguous frees other than those listed.

Any combo that includes first free

Bottom Tier:

Weird combos, specifically ones with second free and another non-first-period counterpart.

Having a sixth graded or pass/fail courses, thus having only one free.

Having no frees for whatever reason.

The Worst Possible Frees:

Second and Sixth Period

Pros: absolutely nothing.

Cons: Feeling like a clown waking up for an 8:30 class immediately followed by a break.And then having to wait around for 7th period class when the day is almost over.

Knowing that literally any, and I really many any, other combination of frees would be better than what you currently endure.