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2019 November
November 8, 2019
New Health Center Dedicated to D.S. Chen
After much anticipation, students returned to campus in September to find the new health center in full operation. In addition to the medical facilities and new health class and counseling…
November 8, 2019
Hanna Deringer Reigns as Captain
Visibly leading the Deerfield student body with enthusiasm and thoughtfulness is Hanna Deringer, a current senior. She stands proud, worthy of the title Captain Deerfield.  Appointed as the first solo…
November 8, 2019
Hidden in Plain Sight: Brooke’s Garden
Adding to the beautiful familiarity of the Deerfield campus are the various artistic depictions that highlight and preserve Deerfield traditions and memories. Among such sculptures one might see around campus…
November 8, 2019
Stay the Weekend
“What I love most about Deerfield is the school spirit — it feels like home.” This is what tour guides often tell prospective families when they tour Deerfield. There is…
November 8, 2019
Athlete of the Issue: Victoria Patterson
Since stepping onto campus her freshman year, Victoria Patterson ’20 has been an incredible runner and example of a Deerfield student-athlete. In her four years at Deerfield, she has competed…
November 8, 2019
Thanksgiving Schedule for the Deerfield Senior
7:30 a.m. Your mother wakes you up to ask if you have been accepted to your ED yet, knowing full well that decisions don’t come out until mid-December. Roll over…
November 8, 2019
Mr. Grimm Embodies Inclusion for Deerfield Community
Last year, Ethics Teacher Mr. Grimm came to Deerfield as a Penn Teaching fellow and recent graduate of Harvard College. He currently teaches the course ‘Ethics’ to underclassmen and ‘Religion…
November 8, 2019
Inside the Roommate Pairing System
The roommate pairing process remains a source of mystery for many students at Deerfield Academy. Students are uninformed on the various factors that may influence roommate assignments beyond the pairing…
November 8, 2019
Welcome Cathy!
The “Deerfield” that we wear across our chests every Wednesday and Saturday does not just appear out of thin air. It takes countless hours of hard work, meticulous organization, and…