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Up Your Blazer Game in 7 Easy Steps
David Chen '20 Senior Writer
October 17, 2019
Credit: Madeline Lee

1. If you want to rep your country, you can always follow in the footsteps of Sammy St. Jean ‘18 and Austin Philie ’19 with Freedom Friday. Get a blazer embroidered with the flag of your country, or of any country for that matter, and watch heads turn as you make your way down the path to class.

2. To be completely honest, I don’t have a clue what the practical use for elbow patches is… but what I do know is that they make you look wiser. Paired with a pair of small, thin-rimmed, tortoise-shell glasses and a copy of Hemingway’s The Old Man and The Sea, a nice soft brown blazer with elbow patches is sure to enhance your perceived IQ by at least a few points. Perfect for impressing your teachers.

3. Purchase a big red nose and size 25 polka-dot shoes. Then, wear your most ostentatious blazer, and tape a giant “CollegeBoard” logo to the front. This is fitting because the CollegeBoard is absolutely ridiculous. Also, much like the Joker, they may seem harmless at first but have the capability to drive entire societies completely insane. Just ask your local senior.

4. Blazer tank top. Have you ever cut the sleeves off your favorite T-shirt to make it a tank top? Why not do the same thing with your blazers? Cut those sleeves off to get a casual, about-to-hit-the-gym look, even when you’re wearing class dress.

5. Have you ever thought that your parents’ curtains looked super fly up on the windows? You can look just as fly! All you need to do is steal the drapes and fashion them into the most eye-catching blazer in the dining hall lobby.

6. Iron-on patches or crests. If think your blazer looks a bit drab, you can always add some color with a patch or two. They’re a great way for you to draw attention to anything from your hometown, your favorite sports team, or even the Academy itself! Also, it’s a great way to hide a stain.

7.  Step 1: Join the crew team. Step 2: Make at least 3rd boat. Step 3: Go to Henley. Step 4: acquire Deerfield crew blazer. Step 5: Quit crew. Step 6: Wear said blazer every single day.