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Top 10 Ways to Avoid Saying “Seniors, Lead the Way”
Benju Basba '22 Staff Writer
October 17, 2019

Deerfield Academy prides itself on traditions, both new and old. In past years, it was a tradition for the former Head of School, Dr. Margarita Curtis (2006-2018), to dismiss seniors from Academy gatherings first, before all other students. She adopted the phrase “seniors, lead the way” to cue the seniors’ departure.

However, the Academy is always ready to embrace new traditions, and, with the induction of 56th Head of School Dr. John Austin, we hope to see a whole slew of them.

Though he has continued the tradition of setting the seniors free first, he has only recently begun using Dr. Curtis’s phrase. To be entirely honest, we’re excited to see him find his own expression.

Here are the Top 10 ways Dr. Austin can avoid saying, “Seniors, lead the way:”

1. “I believe that it’s a tradition for seniors to leave first… 

2. “Everyone, please wait for the seniors to trample each other before exiting.”

3. “If you’re not a senior, don’t even think about it.”

4. “You know, Deerfield, everyone has to leave in their own way, at their own time, begin their own journey, start a new adventure. That’s just life. Right now, the seniors need to start their journey…”

5. “Seniors, let’s make like a banana and split. You know, make like Tom and Cruise. Make like a French loaf of bread and bag-get.”

6. “Seniors, you are now permitted to go get Sun-Chips before everyone else.”

7. “Underclassmen! Thou shall not pass! (Until the seniors have left).”

8. “Seniors you know that we as community love and cherish you. We value your presence so very much at these events. However, I will have to request that you please vacate the premises.”

9. “Long live the seniors!”

10. Dismiss the seniors, one at a time, alphabetical by last-name: “Akande, Lara; Alexos, Angélique; Antongiovanni, Luca…”