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Athlete of the Issue: Will Savage
Sami Dulam '21 Staff Writer
October 17, 2019

Will Savage ’20 captures the true ideals of what any member of a team should embody. As a senior captain during his third year on the Deerfield varsity football team, Savage has displayed exemplary leadership by consistently showing his team-above-self mentality. Savage is able to put the team before himself as he considers the team to be a brotherhood that he has never experienced before.

Credit: Will Savage

“I don’t think any other sport fosters the sense of family the way football does,” Savage said. “That family has allowed me to build some of the strongest friendships I’ve ever had.”

One of these friends is teammate Aidan Philie, who commented on Savage’s impact on the team: “Will has always prioritized integrating new students onto the team and in the school as a whole.”

Savage’s impact on the team is evident both on and off the field. Although he has never been the most flamboyant player, he has always led by example and focused on doing the little things right. As an offensive lineman, Savage’s hard work often goes unnoticed but is the very basis of every big, flashy play. There is no question that Savage is an integral part of the teams performance. Varsity Football Coach Brian Barbato described him as: “a student of the game who uses his high football IQ, phenomenal technique and phenomenal effort to lead the way for big runs and protecting our QB’s. His grit and determination each week sets the pace for the Big Green.”

Fellow captain Cortland Dicks ’21 has always looked up to Savage throughout their time together on the team. Dicks spoke to Savage’s constant support, positive mindset, and effective leadership.

It is Savage’s unique combination of dedication to the team on the field and in the locker room that makes him a true team player. Football is a game of grit and determination; not only does Savage have those two qualities himself, he also instills these qualities in the rest of the team. No matter the situation, Savage is always there to raise the energy and bring the team together. If there is one person the team can count on, it is Savage.

Credit: Will Savage

Savage is a true testament to what it means to be a Deerfield athlete. He competes at a high level and holds the team to an even higher one. His tireless dedication and passion for the sport of football far transcends the stats book and win column.

Savage has left a legacy on the Deerfield football team that will stay for years to come. In the words of Coach Barbato: “Will will continue to use his big heart to be successful long after he leaves Jim Smith Field and the Pioneer Valley.”