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Athlete of the Issue: Annabel Gerber
Emma Visnapuu '21 Staff Writer
October 17, 2019
Credit: Vidigami

Annabel Gerber ’20 is the embodiment of a well rounded Deerfield student athlete. She brings not only a high competition level and incredible leadership ability but also a genuine smile and charisma that lights up the field.

Gerber first joined the girls’ varsity soccer program as a ninth-grader, which she describes as: “overwhelming and intimidating all at the same time.” Being one of only two ninth-graders on the varsity team, it was very difficult to acclimate to such a competitive environment. However, she recalled that, once she began practicing with her new teammates, she was eased by the enthusiasm of the team. “I felt like I was surrounded by the most fun people in the entire school, which still rings true for the current team,” she said.

Now, as a senior co-captain, Gerber is the one leading the team with enthusiasm and passion for the game. Teammate Ruby Chase ’21, remarked that Gerber leads in many aspects of her life at Deerfield. “Gerber is a great friend. She is a sick soccer player, a leader on the team, and has the hardest work ethic. On behalf of the soccer team,  I can confidently say that we all look up to her energy on the field and around campus,” she said.

Girls’ varsity soccer coach Carly Barbato spoke to this passion that Annabel brings to Deerfield athletics: “As a soccer player, Annabel is a fierce competitor! She is a leader by example, always supporting her teammates while challenging herself and those around her to raise the bar.”

Gerber’s favorite memory of being on the soccer team is from Choate Day of her sophomore year. The girls’ varsity soccer team had won only one game out of the entire season and Choate was going to be their fiercest competition yet. Rumors spread that the Choate players had already celebrated their predetermined win but Annabel and her teammates were determined to put up a good fight; they ended up winning 4-3. She said, “It was the biggest underdog story. As soon as the buzzer went off ending the game, everyone rushed out onto the field.”

Gerber eagerly affirmed that she is most excited about Choate Day this season. In her eyes, Choate Day is a time when the soccer team can show up, work hard, and beat others. She hopes that “the team will walk away as a family. No matter how we do, the best part of the team is our heart and knowing that within the Deerfield community there are people who will do anything for you.”

Having already scored the first goal of the season, there is no doubt that Gerber will go incredibly far this year and beyond Deerfield. Coach Barbato said, “It has been remarkable to watch Annabel’s growth as a Deerfield student-athlete over the past four years. I am excited to watch Annabel continue to raise the bar through her senior season and help us beat Choate!”