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The Great Outdoors
Seth Thayumanavan '20 Buzz Editor
May 29, 2019

It’s finally spring! Everyone knows what that means: the days are longer, the nights are warmer, and students are coming out of their rooms, blinking as their eyes adjust to the sunlight. Most importantly, spring is the time for studying outside.

However, not all study areas were created equal. We decided to put together a list of all the best places on and around the campus for you to not only finish your math homework but fulfill your vitamin D quotas as well. Here are 5 great places for you to study in the great outdoors:

Credit: Madeline Lee

1. The sundial. The studious Deerfield scholar naturally gravitates to these benches, located just outside of the library. The beautifully crafted sundial and the surrounding budding flowers give the area a great vibe as you take in the Academy fully, sitting right in the middle of the beautiful campus.

2. Behind the Koch. The back of the Koch, a great place to chill and get some sunlight between classes, is a seriously underrated study spot. Just a few feet from the Louis café, you remain extremely close to your classes and even closer to a great source of coffee and sugar. On a sunny day, you can get a nice view of the track and lacrosse fields as you finish up your math homework or study for that bio test next period.

3. In front of the Hess. The classic spot for outdoor classes and study groups, the Quad is one of the most popular spots to do homework in the spring. Whether you are working alone in the grass or having a class on the benches, this is an all around great spot for finishing up your work.

4. At the Rock. It may be a bit of a trek to get up there (sorry, you‘ll have to exercise) but the view at the Rock is unmatched anywhere else on campus. If you have the time to make the climb with a few friends, you are sure to enjoy both the journey and the reward waiting atop the mountain.

5. At the river. Everyone loves the river! Once the weather gets warm, students flock to the lower fields to suntan or chill with friends and escape the summer weather. Sure, it may be a popular spot for people who are not studying, but if you don’t mind a few distractions, it’s a great place to kick back, put your feet in the water, and bang out some work.