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Revolutionize the Senior Prank
Ethan Chen '20 Staff Writer
May 29, 2019

It’s spring term, folks. You all know exactly what that means. It’s time to take your backpacks with you to sit-down, because it’s senior prank season! Spring term brings out the mischievous side of our graduating seniors; pranks provide that much-needed laugh at the end of a grueling year. Here is a short list of some serious (and not so serious) ideas for senior pranks.

Credit: Madeline Lee

One traditional senior prank  involves stealing everyone’s backpacks. Often this involves padlocking or zip-tying the bags together. This prank also doubles as a time waster to postpone 5th period class. The class of 2018 pulled an interesting twist on this by placing all of the bags on senior grass, making it impossible for all non-seniors to access. However, there are more original ways to go about this prank. Here are a few things the senior class could do with the backpacks:

1. Scatter them in random places across campus.

2. Throw them in the river or off the Rock.

3. Choose one 9th grader and put all of them in his/her room.

4. Drop them off in a sketchy alleyway in Greenfield.

5. Pour super glue on the books inside.

6. Hang them on the flag-pole.

7. Use all of the books from all of the backpacks as fuel to start a bonfire in front of the MSB. No refunds.

Another very common prank is one where seniors make as many announcements after sit-down as possible. These generally begin with serious announcements and then slowly deteriorate. Here are some ideas for good joke announcements:

1. “As part of our community service program, we are opening the campus to a Choate student so they will get a chance to experience a real education for a day. Thank you for your collective sacrifice. ”

2. “Table *insert number here* is having a debate. Please stand up if you like foot.”

3. “Tonight we have a required academy event featuring the very famous Kneelobolus. Nate Wood will play the bass and dance at the same time.”

4. “The Purge: Deerfield edition will go into effect after sit-down. All DC-able offenses will be legal for 24 hours.”

Finally, here are a few extra ideas for new senior pranks that all can enjoy.

1. Senior skip week. It is exactly how it sounds. The seniors skip a week.

2. The seniors pour kool-aid mix into the swimming pool before a water polo game.

3. The seniors unscrew all the salt and pepper shakers and watch the chaos ensue.

4. Replace all the science and history textbooks with Green Eggs and Ham.

5. Put silly string everywhere.

6. All seniors disappear on May 25 and don’t come back. Ever.