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Athlete of the Issue: Henry Lowe
Nick Fluty '20 Staff Writer
May 29, 2019

Henry Lowe ’19 is an excellent athlete who has left a lasting impact on the Boys’ Water Polo and Crew teams. His hard work has not gone unnoticed, earning him captain of the two varsity sports. Crew co-captain Owen Louis ’19 said Lowe is “able to see past unnecessary distractions and work hard, even when nobody is watching.”

Lowe said he “started rowing in the summer of 2015 because [his] older brother rowed and, after playing only water polo from 4th-8th grade, [he] was looking for something new.” Crew is a demanding sport that requires a unique combination of strength and endurance. Although coming in as a new sophomore, Lowe embraced these challenges.

Credit: Henry Lowe

Due to his familiarity with the sport and his hard work, Lowe earned himself a spot on the Second Boat, and rowed his way to a successful first season at DA. Jimmy Patton ’20, a fellow rower in the Second Boat, explained just how much of an impact he had when he likened him to the “engine of that boat.”

When the First Boat headed to Nationals that year, Lowe was called up and placed in the boat due to post-graduates not being able to compete. Despite the last minute change in lineup, Lowe and his teammates won the National Championship.

Going into his junior season, Lowe was prepared for the hard work and dedication that his coaches demanded from him. He earned a spot in the First Boat and improved with each stroke, leading to an undefeated season and a New England Championship. With Nationals around the corner yet again, Lowe was determined to win gold. It was a very competitive race, but Lowe’s hard-work paid off; he became two-time rowing National Champion.

When asked what the greatest highlights of his Deerfield rowing career are, Lowe replied that they “have been our two victories at Nationals. In both circumstances, the boat had to make lineup changes in the last 12 days before Nationals but my teammates and I were still able to rise above that uncertainty. I think it really shows the faith we have in each other and to our coach that we were able to get those wins.”

Lowe believes his success is not only due to his hard work and passion for rowing, but also to the dedication his coaches and teammates have put into crew.

He commented, “Rowing is a sport that rewards hard work but, without the right coaching and training environment, it is very difficult to achieve anything of significance. I’ve been blessed at DA to be surrounded by knowledgeable coaches and committed teammates.”

Credit: Henry Lowe

Lowe has high hopes for the races yet to come. He said, “This season we have a lot of guys who have worked really hard preparing themselves to have good seasons and I’m really looking forward to seeing the fruits of their labors. I’m also just looking forward to testing some speed against some other fast crews and seeing how far we can go this year.”

Having led the rowing team for two years, Lowe has inspired countless numbers of rowers on the team with his work ethic and passion. Next year, Lowe will be rowing on the Dartmouth Heavyweight Rowing Team.