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Artist of the Issue: Lucy Blake
Sophia Hamlen '22 Staff Writer
May 29, 2019

“In the classroom, something that stands out about Lucy is definitely her enthusiasm. She is always buoyant and her sense of humor, as quirky as it is, was a highlight when I taught her in AP Studio Art. Her concentration, which is a part of the AP portfolio, is centered around imagery which basically augments her sense of humor. She brings fun to the studio every class,” said Visual and Performing Arts Teacher David Dickinson.

Surprisingly, before coming to Deerfield, art had not played a large role in the life of Lucy Blake ’19. It was only after she joined Deerfield’s art program that Blake discovered her true passion for studio art.

Credit: Emma Visnapuu

Her journey began when she completed Intro to Studio Art freshman year. Blake decided to take her love for art a step further by taking AP Studio Art. Although it was a challenging class at first, her passion for art grew with Mr. Dickinson’s support. Mr. Dickinson has been an influential role model in Blake’s art journey. He has been her teacher for the past three years. Following the AP Studio Art course in her sophomore year, Blake proceeded to take the next two levels of art offered at Deerfield, ending up in Topics Tutorial for her senior year.

“Art was what made me the most happy over my time at Deerfield,” Blake said. “The things I can not describe in words, I describe through my art.”

Blake has attended two summer art programs over the past few years: one at Rhode Island School of Design, where she will be attending this fall, and the other at the Pratt Institute. These programs introduced her to the larger world of art, preparing Blake for her art career beyond Deerfield.

Mr. Dickinson added, “What is really gratifying to see is how Lucy can be proud of her technical skill without losing her creative edge and sense of humor. In combining her technical skill, creative edge, and sense of humor, Lucy’s artwork takes on a sophisticated look.”

John Chung ’20, a fellow member of her Topics Tutorial Art class, said, “Lucy is an influential member of our class. Her artwork is of high standards, as is her dedication to art.”

Blake’s dedication and exceptional creativity are part of what makes her an accomplished artist. From the hallways of the art classrooms to the Von Auersperg Gallery, Blake’s artwork is showcased throughout the Hess.

With her one-of-a-kind personality and quirky sense of humor, Blake makes an impact on Deerfield both in the art studio and around campus.

Credit: Lucy Blake

Although Blake will be leaving the place where her love for studio art began, she will be venturing forth into a broader world of art.

Blake will be studying Industrial Design at RISD, one of the most prestigious art schools in the world.

In her journey beyond high school, both peers and teachers agree that Blake will make as big of an impact in the greater world of art as she did during her time at Deerfield Academy.