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Clue: A Deerfield Mystery
Ruthie Spencer '22 Staff Writer
April 24, 2019

Clue, the classic family murder mystery board game, has come to life, and it has come to Deerfield. From May 21-25, the audience will become the detectives in a story filled with twists and turns, surprises, and, most importantly, murder.

The intriguing and challenging story plotline is filled with many set changes and a complicated script, but humor as well as action that is guaranteed to make the audience laugh.

In an interview, Theater Director Catriona Hynds gave a sneak peek about the play’s plot: “It is a story of betrayal, blackmail, and murder set in a deserted manor house. “ She added, “It takes a lot to make me laugh, and this play certainly does! It is so silly.”

Credit: Britney Cheung

The  cast itself is made up of  eccentric group that has come together for a dinner party at the house of Mr. Boddy, played by Lukas Trelease ’20.

His household servants are the Cook played by Sydney Cox ’19, the maid Yvette, played by Emma Haddock ’21, and the butler Wadsworth, played Peter Everett ’19.

The group of guests his party brings together consists of Miss Scarlet, played by Kate Landino ‘20, Professor Plum, played by Micajah Stude ‘19, Mrs. Peacock played by  Vera Grace Menafee ‘20, Colonel Mustard played by Protik Nandy ‘19, Mrs. White played by Wilona Wiafe ‘21, and Mr. Green played by Nick Fluty ‘20.

The cast is completed by a group of ensemble members who help execute the mischief.

All these characters’ paths cross in the home of a well-known wealthy man. The manor’s many rooms contain unknown horrors that the guests and the servants must uncover to find out:  Who is the murderer?

Will it be the “powerhouse” Miss Scarlet, known for her long line of admirers?

“She gets what she wants when she wants it,” said Landino. “She is confident and deceivingly smart.”

Could it be the nerdy Professor Plum, possibly knowing more than he lets on?

Stude added more intrigue when he said, “He is an overly dramatic professor. A suave, charismatic ladies man.”

Maybe the murderer is Colonel Mustard, a “stupid kid with military experience,” said Nandy. “He is anything but a smart, military general.”

A proud person, the Colonel is a slow thinker and seems to always be a step behind in figuring out the clues. But is he a step ahead?

Perhaps, as a plot twist, the murderer could be a surprising character you wouldn’t want to mess with: the cook of the manor.

“[She is] quite scary and can be threatening because she’s constantly wheeling around with a knife” Sydney Cox explains. “And there’s also blood on her apron.” Is she just cutting meat, or is she not as innocent as she seems?

Come to the play to find out how the mystery unfolds! As Mrs. Hynds put it, “I think we all need a bit of madcap humor as we finish off the academic year!” This hysterical  and wacky show will give you the perfect fix.

By putting a modern spin on the classic board game, the Deerfield Theater Program’s production of Clue will have the audience asking until the very end: who committed the murder?