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8 Ways to Ask Someone to a Dance
Seth Thayumanavan '20 Associate Editor
April 24, 2019

With spring term comes warmer days, outdoor classes, and, of course, daily trips to the River. Spring term also brings along a plethora of dances: Senior Prom, Junior Prom, and the least exclusive — Throwdown!

With the various festivities ahead, the question arises: how should you ask that special someone to the dance? Luckily for you, we put together a list of the best ways to ask that person you’ve been working up the courage to dance with all year. So let’s get to it: the eight ways to ask someone to a dance.

1.  Posters — A classic. Everybody loves a good poster. You might lose a few points on the creativity scale, but that’s okay. A beautiful, witty poster (try to incorporate a pun) is bound to do the trick. If you want to secure that “Yes,” but don’t have that much time to prepare an extravagant surprise, a poster is a great way to go.

Credit: Madeline Lee

2. Poems — Take inspiration from Mr. Howe’s poetic genius. If you can write a whimsical poem for your ask, you’ll definitely get a “yes.” I would suggest a short and sweet Haiku, or, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, a classic Shakespearean Sonnet will do the trick. Remember, your poem doesn’t need to be on Robert Frost’s level, but it’s the effort that counts; you’re asking someone to a high school dance, not constructing a literary masterpiece.

3. Formal Emails — For some students, dances are strictly business. If this sounds like you, draft a formal invitation letter, wooing your date to the occasion. Nothing gets people going like perfect grammar, direct address, and sincere remarks. Seriously though, asking someone with an urgent notice email is sure to get a laugh out of them, especially if you exaggerate the seriousness and urgency of your matter.

4. Performances — Perhaps you’re a good dancer, an amazing singer, or a breath-taking actor. Then you might want to capitalize on your talents and perform for your date. By hearing your beautiful voice, watching your spectacular dance skills, or crying at your incredible acting, your date is sure to swoon and say, “Yes!” Don’t fear; even if performing may not be your strongest suit, your date will still get a hoot out of your “interesting” efforts. At the core of it, if you can make your date crack a laugh, you’re bound to get a “yes.”

5. School Meeting/Lunch Announcement — This plan is almost fail-proof. By asking your date to a dance at school meeting or during lunch announcements, you will convince your date to say, “Yes.” They will definitely be impressed with your courage to speak in front of the whole school, and the energy of the crowd will make them even more excited to say, “Yes!”

6. Scavenger Hunt — Like the poster method, a scavenger hunt is another method that goes way back. Whether you’re a big puzzle person or just want to torture your date a little before you surprise them, a scavenger hunt is a playful yet thoughtful way to convince your date to say “yes!”

7. Declaration of Romantic Intent: Bureau of Communication — Nothing says “I want to go to the dance with you” like a fill in the blank form letter from the Bureau of Communication.

It allows for just enough room for creativity while still being completely generic. Complete with a disclaimer and official form stamps, a declaration of romantic intent is a sure fire way to get a “yes” (or a slap in the face). You can find the form here:

8. FOOD — No human can resist the delicious smell of a grilled CC buttered with the question, “Will you be my date?” Honestly, if you want a “yes” from anyone in this school, even someone you’ve never talked to before, just buy them a pizza, and they will be yours forever.

Hop on over to the Kravis or the Dining Hall and dance the night away. And don’t forget, you miss 100% of the shots you never take! Trust me, Wayne Gretzky knows best.