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2019 April
April 28, 2019
Alumni Spotlight: Fairman and Scott Excel in Spring
Deerfield’s Mission cites, “Pursuit of mastery built on a foundation of breadth and versatility,” as one of the Academy’s core values. As Deerfield students we pursue mastery in the classroom,…
April 24, 2019
90 seconds w/ Ms. Lyons and Mr. D
If you could trade lives with someone for a day who would it be? Ms. Lyons: “Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” Mr. Dickinson: “Prince.”   If you weren’t a teacher, what job…
April 24, 2019
Clue: A Deerfield Mystery
Clue, the classic family murder mystery board game, has come to life, and it has come to Deerfield. From May 21-25, the audience will become the detectives in a story…
April 24, 2019
Opinion: My Experience as a PG Girl
As the year has progressed, I and the six other postgraduate girls with whom I am sharing this experience have become increasingly aware of the reality on this campus: postgraduate…
April 24, 2019
Secret of the Manse
Around the late 1950s, The Charles P. Russell art collection was given to Deerfield Academy by Mr. Russell’s daughters, Miss Lusia Russell and Mrs. Lucius Potter, who each collected European…
April 24, 2019
Faculty Musical Review
On Apr. 3, Mr. Nilsson and several members of the Deerfield faculty wowed the school by performing a musical that captured the quintessence of Deerfield studenthood. The musical, which was…