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Kevin Hines Inspires DA
The Deerfield Scroll
October 11, 2018

Kevin Hines came to campus on Wednesday, Oct. 3 to speak to students about suicide prevention.

In his talk, Hines shared how his struggles with bipolar disorder and depression culminated in September 2000 when he jumped off of the Golden Gate Bridge in a suicide attempt.

Credit: Britney Cheung

Miraculously, despite the 25-story fall at 75 mph, Hines not only survived but also regained full body mobility. Hines expressed that since his suicide attempt, he has felt called to spread a message of hope and resilience to students and adults across the world so that they do not feel alone in their struggle with mental health.

Through the Kevin and Margaret Hines Foundation, established by Mr. Hines and his wife Margaret, Hines has additionally actively campaigned to install a net around the Golden Gate Bridge in order to drastically reduce the fatality of suicide attempts from the Bridge.