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Gabriela Biscottini Joins Deerfield Full-Time
Caio Paiva Oliveira '20 Staff Writer
October 11, 2018

Deerfield’s Athletic Training room is a common sanctuary for many athletes around campus. Whether a player needs to get taped before a match or seek physical rehabilitation during their off-season, the trainers are always there to help.

Credit: Gabriela Biscottini

Gabriela Biscottini is a prominent member of the Athletic Training Department. Her tireless work going to pre-season trips, attending both home and away matches, and helping students in the athletic trainer’s room has earned her a reputation for an impeccable work ethic. Ms. Biscottini always has a contagiously positive attitude around the Deerfield community. She is also joined by her faithful dog, Ty, an adorable black-brown pup; you might be able to catch Ty walking with Ms. Biscottini around the community.

Ms. Biscottini says she “couldn’t be more thrilled to fill a more permanent role here at Deerfield.”

Her love for her job is genuine. “Not many people get to say they love going to work every day,” Ms. Biscottini says when reflecting on her passion, “but I do.”

This fall will be Ms. Biscottini’s fourth year as a member of  the Deerfield community. Joining the trainer’s office in 2015, Ms. Biscottini spent two years as a part time trainer alongside fellow athletic trainers Robert Graves and Kate Parker. Having grown up in New Jersey, Ms. Biscottini moved to Massachusetts in 2011 to pursue a degree in training and business management from Springfield College. Upon graduating, she chose to stick around at Springfield College to complete a masters of Science in Athletic Training Administration. Ms. Biscottini was then invited to work as an Assistant Athletic Trainer for the 2017-18 school year, and to no one’s surprise, is now a full time faculty member at Deerfield.

Such excitement can also be attributed to her coworkers, Mr. Graves and Ms. Parker, who have been with Ms. Biscottini from the start.

“They’re some of the best coworkers I could ask for, and I’m fortunate enough to call them my friends as well.” The positive work environment that Ms. Biscottini is surrounded by each and every day is central to her love of the Deerfield community.

When asked about the challenges presented by her work, Ms. Biscottini was unable to recall any. Contemplating about the job she loves, Ms. Biscottini instead listed some of its benefits.

One of many upsides is “getting a chance to work with some really motivated and ambitious student-athletes.”

“When those students come in and put the time and effort into their recovery, it’s really an amazing thing to see and to be a part of that process,” she said.

Students were quick to praise Ms. Biscottini in return.

Carter Hampson ’20 remarked that, “Gabi approaches every person with care and attention.”

Maddie McCarthy ’19 also commented on Ms. Biscottini’s enthusiasm saying, “Every time I walk in to the trainer’s office, she is always eager to pop up and ask me how everything is going.”

Others are brief but direct in showing admiration. As Captain of the Varsity Football team, Jackson McCarty ’19, stated, “She is fire.”

It is evident that, from the garnered praise, Ms. Biscottini is a beloved member of the community. With “gratitude” being this year’s symposium, we should all be thankful for the care and thoughtfulness with which Ms. Biscottini and the other athletic trainers approach their craft. Be sure to catch Gabi in the athletic trainer’s room, on duty for Harold Smith and Pocumtuck, or around campus walking Ty.