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Margo Rita & Curtis
Margo Rita & Curtis Columnists
May 23, 2018

Dear Margo, Rita, and Curtis,

With graduation coming up, I’m really sad that the senior class is leaving, and I’m nervous about all the changes to come.Do you have any advice about coping with the sadness and stresses of the last weeks of school? Also, I’m worried that after the seniors leave, our friendship won’t be the same. How can I maintain my relationships with the seniors even when they are gone?



Dear supersadstudent21,

As the end of the school year dawns on us, there definitely is a nostalgic air that fills campus. With graduation right around the corner, we can all sense ourselves feeling a little excited and sad at the same time. Graduation is bittersweet, because, although you are proud of your friends and proctors for graduating, there are still new roles on campus to fill, exams to take, and graduation duties to do.

Cred: Claire Zhang

The last few weeks can be super hectic, especially when you read through the graduation duties (setting up the tent and second-waiting, really?) and begin to think about exams. Nevertheless, when the graduation ceremony begins, the waterworks will come flowing out (profusely and non-stop).

So with the last few weeks, make sure to try and spend as much time as possible with the seniors. Yes, some of you may have that “special someone” that you just can’t miss a weekend of visitations with, but maybe take the last few weekends of the year off. With the sun setting at 8pm now, you basically have two extra hours to lay out at the river or walk to Richardson’s.

When the seniors inevitably graduate, there is a hole in the community. The half-empty dining hall during Sunday sit-down on the day of graduation might as well be a mandatory mourning event. But remember, there are other really fun events like the Stepping Up bonfire and exams (not)! Plus, you’re going to have a whole new role on campus as you gain a year of experience at this school! Use these exciting things to get yourself out of that depressed state.

Most importantly remember, even though the seniors are leaving, you’re in the age of social media, so it’s not like you will never be able to talk to them again. With Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram, it will be like they never left. Plus, before you know it, the seniors will be back for Choate Day. Trust me, a few months of college doesn’t have anything on a lifeime of memories in the Valley.

So spend time with the seniors and make memories that will last a lifetime. Also, remember that in a matter of weeks, you’re going to be home, enjoying your stress-free freedom again. So don’t fret, take a deep breath, and I promise you will make it through these last few weeks of school.


Margo, Rita, Curtis